Galaxy S3: Your Internet connection is unstable.

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Galaxy S3: Your Internet connection is unstable.

I have been having issues 4 month now with my Galaxy S3, both me and my spouce have the same issue, I am being dropped of WIFI all the time either it says I have a slow connection, drop and on data or "your Internet connection is unstable" and again dropped from WIFI.

If I was sinical, I would say this was dont to push my to increase my data usage. When I was in Florida in February, I had a romaing plan, but due to my dropped WIFI connection, only 6 feet away, I went ofer the  month plan and had to pay.

Same thing in Kitchener-Waterloo, work, and home, both places, I am kicked off WIFI.


I have found blog posting in the US, but no one on here, which I found strange, as I should not be alone with this issue.


Any other Rogers customer in the same boat, did u resolve it, is it Samsung, Rogers, or another app on out phones.


HELP is you can. THANKS in advance.


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Re: Galaxy S3: Your Internet connection is unstable.

Are there any Community members able to assist @AJPnKW with their S3 issue?



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Re: Galaxy S3: Your Internet connection is unstable.

Hello AJPnKW

Have you changed the settings in the WiFi and set it to have WiFi on even when the screen is turned off?.

Seeing as no one has responded back ( many left the S3 for the S4-S5). Have you tried doing a factory reset on the device to see if that will fix it? If not have you thought of sending in the device for repair?