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Galaxy S2 On Back Order and Lied To?

I've Been Around

I was dreading that I would get the "Your hardware order is on backorder" after the past couple of email they sent, and this morning I just recieved it... sigh. Anyone experience a back order? How long did it take for you to get your phone? I just want some kind of estimation... since Rogers reps aren't very straight forward "Yeah about 1-2 weeks" then t takes a month. Also... I hate the fact that I was lied to by two rogers reps, both of them saying the phone is being shipped out in a couple of days, etc. Just for me to buy the phone then wait weeks for it... quite annoyed. 



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Re: Galaxy S2 On Back Order and Lied To?

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A backorder can take take a few days or weeks depending on how long & when Samsung ships the devices to Rogers warehouse. When Rogers has a device on Back order it means that Rogers is out of stock & waiting for devices from the Manufacture. Contacting Rogers sometimes might help but some times it wont seeing as they can not see when the shipment from Samsung will come to the warehouse.

You bought the phone & its been already a month that you do not have it? I would suggest contacting Rogers & have the reverse the charges & cancel the order & go to a Rogers plus store & get one. Some Rogers plus stores have the devices in stock because people will tend to bring them back or some stores have not sold many. Here in Toronto there are a few stores which i know that have them in stock.

Reps usually tell customers what they want so the customer can feel happy. Some reps can lie. This is not Rogers fault seeing as the REP is doing this.

Like i said if you have not received the device yet, call back & cancel it. Go to the store OR even Future shop or best buy & get it threw them.

Re: Galaxy S2 On Back Order and Lied To?

I've Been Around

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S II LTE for my hardware upgrade on April 25th and it still has not arrived yet. Rogers phone reps keep telling me that the phone is out of stock and it's been like that since April 24th. So it's almost been 2 weeks.


The problem for me is that I just signed a new 3-year contract with Rogers (a big mistake) with a $25 add-on for 500mb data. My old phone cannot access the Internet and so it can't use the data that I'm paying for. And my new contract starts today.

Re: Galaxy S2 On Back Order and Lied To?

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Call Rogers when you get your new phone and they will credit you for the time no problem. Now obviously they may give you a run around but I've never had a problem getting a credit for the services I couldn't use/receive. You can try calling now but since it's the start of your plan I don't believe there's anything for them to credit. So when you get your new phone give them a call and they'll probably give you like a $5 or $10 credit.. depending on how much you complain 😉 

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