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Galaxy S2 LTE power button issues

I've Been Here Awhile

I've been dealing with some odd behaviour on my S2 LTE and after some googling work I found it's related to a quite common issue with the power button on Samsung phones. The button sometimes get stuck, causing random reboots or unexpected display on/offs.


My phone is more than one year old, so theoretically is out of warranty now, but considering it seems like a common issue with Samsung Galaxy phones, does anyone know if Samsung and/or Rogers are willing to repair or replace the defective phones with no cost? Has anyone else gone through the same issue and had to deal with them to get it fixed?






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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE power button issues

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello blabla2

Rogers will not fix it for free seeing as its outside the warranty period. You can contact Samsung Canada & see what they can do. They may be able to replace it for free BUT may tell you its a cost as the phone is outside the warranty period. Talk to the rep at Samsung & see what they can do for you. Even if its a small fee like $25 or so i would pay it to get it fixed. The only time Rogers & Samsung will fix something for free if its in the warranty period or if Samsung said it will do it.

My S2 LTE never had this issue before i sold it & had it for 7 months. Not all of the S2 LTE or other Galaxy phones have this issue. Some users have issues that others do not. It depends on how hard you press the button & all that.Many play in this factor.

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