Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

I used to use Juice Defender but I switched to Green Power because it had more features in the free version and seemed to use less resources.  Also the developer seems to be more responsive and I find the UI easier to use.


You are right that task killers are not necessary. In some cases they can actually increase battery usage since the OS has to keep restarting the tasks that have been killed.


Finally, I don't understand the obsession with free memory. There is no advantage to having free memory. As villinvr6Android loads programs in to memory based on usage and other factors so that when they are needed they start quickly. Having additional cached processes in memory does not use any additional battery or CPU if the processes are not doing anything. Similar to a task killer, removing cached processes is a waste as Android will just load them again, which means they will be killed again, and that cycle of constantly having to wake up to remove processes may actually use more battery.


villinvr6, you may still benefit from Green Power or Juice Defender since those apps will leave your data connection turned on while you're using your phone, but when you are not using your phone they will turn your data off and allow you to conserve battery without missing notifications.


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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

lets hope ics comes out for the sgs2lte asap! 

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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

So if you've rooted your phone and have CWM on it, this will help you get the absolute most out of your battery.


1) Charge your battery to 100% and leave it plugged in for at least an hour (so charge it over night).

2) Reboot the phone into CWM recovery while leaving the power cable plugged in

3) Go to clear Battery Statistics under "Advanced" (I believe)

4) Right before you select "Yes", pull the power cable out, then select yes

5) Use the phone HARD. Play games, surf the web, etc. Kill that battery completely. Totally drain it. To the point where you can't turn it on anymore

6) Pull the battery out and let it sit for 1 hour

7) Put the battery back in and let it charge for at least 5 hours. DO NOT TURN THE PHONE ON WHILE CHARGING


You will have done a full deep cycle refresh on your battery and it will be properly configured for your phone. After that, always try and keep the battery charged as much as possible. Lithium Ion batteries aren't like NiCad or NiMh at all. Also after doing this, you will find increased battery life if you use those third party battery management applications.


(Personally I'm always around a charger of some sort)

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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

what programs did you use to root you SII LTE?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

Most of the phones time working is looking for a better signal which rogers can not provide, 80% of talk time is analog signal/2G so it switches on and off from lte 4g to 2g like a mad dog.The only way to save power when your in the city set it to analog only which you would use most of the time any way with rogers poor signal.Want better signal go with someone else.

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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

All modifications car be reversed for all of those reluctant to rool due to warrenty.


My name is ken i am a master on andriod and its ups and downs.


POWER is based on the device and what makes it run so all of the people using a custom rom or oem based andriod software will have different complants so her it is in a nut shell.

Samsung= most populare

HTC=best overall built

Motorola=the pioneer of dualcore

Sony=ahead of ther time on cameras for mobile phones

Other companys not worth mentioning at this time


I.C.S. Battery life is improved on android 4.03 ice cream sandwich side affect laggy

Gingerbread battery life ok side affect runs fast lacks usfull options


Total if you want an eco friendly you give up power its that simple no matter what android device you use

when you customize your phone you can make your phone yours and make it do what you want with alot of hours of hoping it will boot or let you make a call in the end its your phone and if you mess up some one can fix it i have the new s2 lte running rooted ics and with my tweeks and mods dose what i want when i wans and for 18rhs untouched standard battery and 10 hrs of normal use and it is my busness line it checks for email every minit and on average 8 to 30 calls a day and play some angry birds and camera scanns .

Looking to mod your phone and don't want to experiment PM me


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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

the at&t modem and ics update makes the signal 90 to 97% at almost all the tieme so there is hope if you wait for the rogers ics update

I've Been Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

This phone is inadequate. I was going to buy iPhone, and Rogers representative convinced me and my family member to buy these trouble makers. I am working night shifts alone, need phone for safety, no chance to charge battery, and without even using the phone the battery is zero before my shift is over. My son has had an iPhone for 2 years, and it is perfect! He is using his phone and charges it every 2nd day. I do my everything that my company (10 000 emplyees) stays away from Samsung. 

I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

Hello Jao.

I owned the S2 LTE & i can say it does drain the battery a lot but remember, if you have LTE or 4G on & all the setting on to the max, the battery will die pretty fast.
iPhones die pretty fast as well. If you read on the internet a lot of people complain about the battery life on the iPhone. If you use the phone hardcore, the phone will die. You guys need to understand that. I really doubt it that your son has a iPhone & it lasts for 2 days until he charges it again... The ONLY way that will ONLY happen is if you use the phone as a phone & not do anything else on it. Believe me i have owned most of the phones produced & released to know this.


What you say & do with your company has nothing to do in here. By saying that, Samsung nor Rogers will listen. Samsung does release phones with low batteries but not as low as Apple does. The phones use power. Its not like old days that the phones lasted for more then 2-3 days. You never had Wi-Fi / Apps / touchscreen & other things.


Remember the Battery dies because of Apps running in the background & if you have the brightness up high & the settings you shouldn't have. Look it up & see it.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

You also have to consider that the display is larger. 4.5" will use more juice than 3.5".

The Skyrocket is also twice as fast as the iPhone 4S. That'll use up more juice as well.

I'll concede that the battery life was a downer when I initially got the phone but once I downloaded the Juice Defender App I've found that with light to moderate use my battery will seldom drop below 60%.

The Juice Defender App also saves on data because it disconnects from the data packet when the phone isn't beind used.