Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

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I'm Here A Lot
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Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

I was curious what kind of battery life other people are getting with their Galaxy S2 LTE phones.

Mine doesn't last more than a day, with light-moderate usage.


On Wifi, I get about a 2%/hour drain overnight while the phone is untouched.


I'm seeing some posts on other forums about people getting < 1% per hour drains on standby for the regular Galaxy S2, so I'm wondering if it's the LTE that's reducing battery life by half, or if I have some rogue app or configuration issue.


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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

Truthfully I only get about 2-3 hours of screen/display on time on a full charge. Usually about 10-20 hours depending on usage. for me its not a problem because i'm always near a charger but I can imagine for some that its a problem. I'm considering rooting the phone to see if I can get better battery without the bloatware.

Anyone know if it voids the warranty? Might also buy a spare battery for 30 bucks.

I've read about people who get FAR better battery performance than me. How does everyone elses battery do?
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

Read my post in the main SG2 LTE thread (page 205). Sorry, too lazy to copy and paste 😛


milzz: You can always unroot your device if you decide to root.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

Just to follow up on my original post, 


last night I tried turning off background data to see what kind of effect it had on battery life. Turns out it has a drastic effect!


I went from > 2%/hour on standby to <0.4%/hour, which is amazing.


It's quite annoying not to have auto-sync enabled for gmail and things, but the 5x battery life savings might be worth it. It's still a mystery why some people have background data enabled and still get  ~ 1%/hour. I don't have that many apps installed or anything either. 


tl;dr - turning off background data improves battery life by a factor of 5

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

Forgive the noob quesiton, but just read mchammer's post. I'm having battery life issues too, but have no idea how to "turn off background data". Is that a simple option in one of the settings?

Any help is most appreciated!


EDIT: Oops! Just found it!

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life



Just wanted to follow up on my less than stellar battery performance. Turning off background data does improve your battery performance, but you won't get any updates ex: emails, notifications, weather updates. A lot of my drain would previously come from when the phone was idle overnight because I would keep background data on. If you turn it off, it significantly improves it, but you just have to make sure to turn it on when you wake up and your on the go.


I went to the market and bought Juice Defender Ultimate yesterday and am noticing significant improvement in my battery life. I'm currently sitting at 23 hours on my battery, with 2 hours of display on time, and still at a 40% charge. This is a HUGE improvement as my phone would normally have died by now or been on its last bit of juice. What it does is turn off the data connection in your phone whenever the screen is off. If your screen stays off it will periodically turn on the connection every 15 minutes (mine is set to every hour) for about a minute or so to check for new emails, updates and such and then turn it back off. Everytime you turn your screen on it will turn on the data connection also.


You still receive text messages, and phone calls as they aren't going through the data network. So it basically significantly reduces the amount of battery drain you have when your phone is idle. Previously my phone would drain 20-30% overnight while I sleep. It looks like I had less than 10% drain last night.


If anyone wasn't sure about getting this app, I would definitley reccomend it. It's not a task killer. I've read that task killers are actually bad for Androids.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

I'm also using juicedefender with great results. But for me it wasn't JD alone that helped, i'm also using Bloat freezer free (requires r00t). In settings, under applications and then running services, i always saw some services that i NEVER use taking up unneccesary ram (like the stock email wizard, facebook, digital clock, etc). Rather than delete these apps (which are usually part of the stock rom and unremovable) and risk unstability, by freezing them you render them completely inactive without having to remove them. I'm using almost half the ram now and with JD configured just as i like it and i get considerably higher battery life. 

For that tiny bit extra i also use screen filter (free from market). This helps dim the screen even further, reducing the drain from our giant 4.5 screen. Sadly screen filter is also how i was able to easily see the vertical banding and splotches on greys and dull reds.


I used to be at ~30% by 6pm from a full charge at 6am, and i'm currently at 74% after 12 hours right now!!


For those interested, our phones can also run custom kernels supporting overclocking upto 1.8ghz (!!) and undervolting with as long as 42+ hours of juice on a single charge. But these are not easy operations and i would recommened a few days of reading if even slightly unsure. 


Hope this helps

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

My battery life has sucked thus far....  From 7:30am this morning for example, by 4pm the battery was at less than 15% remaining....  Very dissapointed so far with anything to do with battery.  Actually half-considering returning the phone for that reason alone.  I might try Juice Defender but it's insane that a brand new phone, with wifi turned off all day, only out of my pocket maybe 7 times for a total screen time of 15 minutes is out of juice by 4pm!


For all I know I might have a dud for a phone which might explain the battery issue.  The other big issue I'm having is when the phone sits in my pant pockets, something causes the phone to get so hot it almost burned my leg this afternoon.  As soon as I put it on the counter, the heat goes away, but having tried it 3 times today, the phone heated up each and every time in my pocket.  Anyone else having this problem?


So far, very dissapointed for a phone that I had very high expectations about....

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

same here. I tried disabling most of the background apps but still battery life is usually done by 430-5pm.


I tried lowering the brightness but the screen issues (blob) gets too annoying. only happens on the dark screens. 


Very disappointed with the battery life overall. Minimal usage but its a power hog! Will be trying to use juice defender along with Advanced task killer and see if that helps. 


p.s. have to bring a charger everywehre i go with this phone 😞

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S2 LTE battery life

Mine is about the same thing. Ive read on blogs and watched on youtube that taskillers do not work. They shouldnt even be used. Androids OS is different from say a blackberry because once yuo exit out of a program on your droid, it pauses and sits in limbo until you use it again making it faster to restart where you left off. I believe that when the program has not been in use for an hour or so, it falls off the "running app" list. The android OS is supposdely configured to put more emphasis on "needed" apps to run on your device like messaging, flash, etc. It has an internal brain of what needs to shutdown in order to run new apps. Blackberry on the other hand, you actually have to go into the app and manually close it or else it will lag and freeze. This is from my fact findings.


Also, personally for me, I would never run juice defender because Im always on facebook, twitter and checking emails like every 5mins. So I would never use that app.

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