Future expected changes to MYRogers and billing due to CRTC rulings

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Future expected changes to MYRogers and billing due to CRTC rulings

Over the holidays, I was reviewing the CRTC rulings, and we can expect a few big changes in the way bills are presented.


They are asking for more detail and clarity with bundles for home services, in particular their example spoke to the few months at one rate, then a number of months at the next rate, and the final months at the next rate, as well as all related and changing early cancelation charges over the period.  I would expect that we will see the terms begin to be more explicit, or the bill, or confirmations being more explicit with the periods and services broken down for each period, and it must also include tax in and tax out, and any credits that are applied, and any terms around those credits.  Much the way they required more clarity in the wireless bills.


Another thing I ran into was a clear description that when we change or start a new contract, we must receive a "printed" copy of the changes and terms of the contract, and that the electronic ones we currently get are not a legitimate replacement for the mailed terms and changes, and that you have 30 days to cancel with cancellation fees any contract change, or new contract that you are not satisfied with or you don't agree that represent what you heard.


What isn't clear to me though is whether if you say that you are cancelling the contract because you disagree, are you then left with no services or contracts, but at least you now have a 30 day grace period, and it is not a true contract until we have received written confirmation, not just the verbal discussion and "verbal agreement".


I would suspect that you can still try to negotiate back to your old plan in terms of costs and service choices, if it can be created under new plan models and loyalty credits, and use the escalation process to try to get what you want, but unsure if when it hits 30 days, if we go beyond, we may be stuck with what we got if they don't agree, leaving us only the option of cancelling with cancellation charges.  But at least in the 30 day period, we have the right to just walk away upon return of all equipment and no cancellation fees.  You will be charged for services for the days you had it though.


And final note, is my reading of the clause (which I had the reference in the CRTC rules), the electronic confirmation and terms are not actually replacements for paper copies, unless we explicitly say it is ok.  If we don't agree and we don't have to ask, they have to send us paper within 15 days.


Just thought people may be interested in knowing what is coming, along with access of third party companies to the big fibre network infrastructure, at nodes across the province, not just one location, a maximum charge for cost and profit is provided, but financial statments are now required to be open so that it can be evaluated whether the charge back to the compaines is a fair one within the terms of the CRTC.  Further is the changes around pick and pay and a few other things.  We are in for another year or so of big changes.  I hope that Rogers is committing proactively to deal with these changes and not leaving it to the last moment.


I think the most important thing is that all components of our services should have clear reference to our responses and not buried into fine print - It has to be clear, in one place, and easily understood.  So when it comes, it is not Rogers listening to us, it is the CRTC listening to us and placing higher levels of protection to us the consumer in an oligopoly environment with little competition.


It can't come sooner.






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Re: Future expected changes to MYRogers and billing due to CRTC rulings

The above is one reason i tend to go into a STORE rather than over the phone, for anything contract related most of the time.. that they print off / have you sign the contract stuff right there.  Anything like a new phone, etc... where you then get the document which has the device ballance, dates to when its done, etc.

Smaller changes, which dont require a contract, etc.. i do over the phone.