Future Bandwidth Cap Increase for Ultimate Users

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Future Bandwidth Cap Increase for Ultimate Users

As the title suggests, does anyone know or heard of any news that Rogers will increase the bandwidth caps (currently 250GB/month) in the near future for Ultimate users?


The speeds are fine and I'm happy to pay for it, but with the current bandwidth cap, I find myself exceedingly almost every month. The Rogers Extreme package offers 500GB/month at 30mbps down and 10mbps up, which seems a far more attractive package compared to the ultimate if people are willing to sacrifice some download speed for more bandwidth usage. I'm thinking of doing this downgrade, unless Rogers has plans to increase the current 250GB/month bandwidth cap.





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Re: Future Bandwidth Cap Increase for Ultimate Users

I am guessing you are an east cost person?

The 500g extreme package, is only available out there, and not to ontario, etc customers.  And its only on that package.  I am guessing its some form of testing for similar packages.

So while they might change the other plans (and areas) to include the higher usage.. unless you ABSOLUTELY need the speed, i would say do the switch.  Really, for single source, you wouldnt really notice a difference in my opinion.. maybe if you have ALOT of people using the net there at once.. but thats it.