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Free Preview

Last week a man came into my house and introduced himself as a Rogers employ and asked me if he could check my cable box and than we can have some channels for free preview ... I let him what he wanted to do and he left after that I checked my tv and there is no free channels for preview 😞




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Re: Free Preview

That does sound odd...

While they do house calls by techs.. i have never heard of anyone comming to the door in that way.  Were they driving a rogers truck?

I would give rogers a call, just to make sure everything is OK on your account..

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Re: Free Preview

I would first of all be a very digilant consumer. I would NEVER let anyone in my home that I never specifically requested unless I ask AS MANY QUESTIONS AS POSSIBLE.  Do not let any joe blow in your house just like that.   From someone knowledgable as me, it raises so many red flags as there is NO NEED FOR A HOME TECH VISIT for Free Preview channels to be turned on in your box. The FREE PREVIEWS are done at the head-end and simply the encryption is turned off and the channels are activated in the back end and all STB will automatically receive it, it makes NO SENSE for a tech to come out to your house for this unless A) he is not a real rogers tech and wants to try to do something unauthorized to your cable equiptment, maybe he is secretly swapping out your STB with someone elses? maybe he works for the competition ie satellite or other cable tv company and disguising himself as rogers tech to gain access to competitor secrets?   i would ask for a name, badge, employee number, supervisor number to call to confirm why he is there or call rogers themself to see if the tech is indeed legit.  rogers should have all this info if not, i would send him away. if they really need to send a tech to your house you would have been notified in advance and it would be for another reason not for free previews.

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Re: Free Preview

Maybe he was casing your house for electronics worth stealing. Did he show you a Rogers I.D?

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Re: Free Preview

Good post, Pauly.

I'm NOT a Rogers employee; I was a satisfied customer, but not anymore.