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Re: Found a phone!

If the phone is useable the idea of try to contact someone in the contact list is not a bad one.

My daughter lost a phone in Toronto where she was living at the time and the person who found it managers to contact me in Ottawa to say she had found the phone. Arrangements were made for my daughter to meet her at a coffee shop in TO and my daughter got her phone back. Nice to know that there a some honest people around who are willing to do the bit extra to help others out.
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Re: Found a phone!



I agree that using contacts is a good idea. About a year ago, I found a phone lying on the sidewalk along the Danforth. I was quite suprised to see it lying there as there was lots of pedestrian traffic. The phone wasn't locked with a password and I called a few contacts. One of them answered and it turned out to be the phone owner's employer's reception desk. I identified myself, telling them I found the phone and made an arrangement to drop it off at the reception desk. The next day, I returned the phone and received a thank you from the receptionist.

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Re: Found a phone!

I found a phone with Rogers service around 7:30PM Jan 22 in Crothers Woods biking trails Toronto, tried to leave with Rogers, but they won't take it. Any suggestions on how to get it back to its owner?




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Re: Found a phone!

Hi @danielapa!


Wow, what a good samaritan you are! It's honest and decent folks like yourself that make the world a much nicer place to live in! 😁


Is the device locked? If not, I'd try reaching out to one of the more recent contacts in the call history list. Otherwise, I hope the phone still has power and can receive calls. I would guess that the owner of the phone wants his phone back and may try to call it or have a friend or family member do so.


Another thing that may work is leaving a note on the customer's file in case they reach out to us to report their phone lost. We won't be able to provide you with any information on the customer, however, if you'd like us to try and locate the account and leave a memo on the customer's file with some of your contact info, please send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you!