Forgetting information used for registering the phone #

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Forgetting information used for registering the phone #

Hello, Guys! Sorry to bother, but would like to ask some question about what if I truly dont know the infromation I use to sign for the phone number?

I have my friend helped me get the phone number about 3 years ago. The problem is it is a business number which I only realize it recently. However while I want to make any change to my account through live chat or from phone, they are asking me for information to clearify identity and I could never get it correct... My friend definetly dont rememebr information as well so is there any way to solve the issue?

I would like to switch the phone account type from business to personal, but not necessary, just want to know if there is any contract or extreme high punishment rate or so (detail about my account). If is for sure that I want to get pass this identity questions loop. All of them require infromation for identity...Dont know how to solve this issue....


Thank you so much for reading this boring thing and helps...



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Re: Forgetting information used for registering the phone #

The one thing that I can suggest is to go to the local Rogers outlet with some Personal Identification.


Good Luck!!