Fluctuating Bills

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Fluctuating Bills

Last year, I was paying almost $200 per month (including over-usage charge) for VIP Cable TV and Extreme Internet services.

I was using Bell Home Phone service at the time, and they offered me a cheaper bundle package for 3 products.

I called Rogers to cancel, and a Rogers agent offered me Digital Plus TV + Hybrid Fibre 60 Internet+ Favourite Home Phone for $139 per month.

It sounded too good to be true, and I took a lot of time to ask her about the details and wrote them down.


So here is what she offered:


2 Year Contract

Digital Plus TV: Free Nextbox Rental for 3 years

Hybrid Fibre 60 Internet: Free Modem Rental & Additional usage of 200GB = Total 320GB of Usage

Favourite Home Phone: 2 Features & TV Display Feature

$113/month for the first 3 months

$139/month from month 4 to 24. 


What actually happned:


2 Year Contract   Not sure

Digital Plus TV: Free Nextbox Rental for 3 years

Hybrid Fibre 60 Internet: Free $2 Modem Rental ($10 discount) & Additional usage of 200GB = Total 320GB of Usage

Favourite Home Phone: 2 Features & TV Display Feature

$113/month for the first 3 months (No extra usage charge)

$139/month in month 4 from month 4 to 24 (No extra usage charge)

$229/month in month 5 (No extra usage charge)

$184/month in month 6~9 (No extra usage charge)

$191/month in month 10~11 (No extra usage charge)


There were no over usage charges in the bills so far, and it was just the cost of each services that were fluctuating. I'm not even sure how to complain. I don't know if Rogers keeps a recording or at least has a record of the agent's name whom I spoke to about a year ago. I can probably find a confirmation or ticket number that I received at the time.  


1. Was I lied to or is it just a price increase (and decrease)?

2. Can I cancel all products before the end of the contract without panalty because Rogers increased their prices?


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Re: Fluctuating Bills


Hi @gt123123 


I’m sorry to hear about your fluctuating bills. We can definitely take a look at your bills and assist you. I’m going to have someone reach out to you in Private Message, please check your Messages from the Envelope icon in the top right hand side of your screen.






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Re: Fluctuating Bills

I am facing the same problem. I have tried to contact customer care live chat and they didn't do anything.

When I signed up for the bundle on Jan 26th 2015, I was offered $139/month after the promo expires (promo cost was $84.88/month). Also, there was no contract or commitment for that bundle offer.


I signed up for the bundle on January 26th. Now, after my promo expired in June, I got an inflated July bill and for the august bill, I am being told I will be charged $252.61. 


Now, I do have additional services such as a 2nd home phone line and a "Desi Lite" tv package - but adding the cost of those ($16.95 for 2nd line and $17 for the tv package) - my total bill should be 172.95+taxes = 195.43  , as opposed to the $252.61 I'm being quoted today for my August bill, after I removed an addon tv package.


I asked the agent to escalate the issue - she said she will transfer to a different department but it never got transferred. 


I have the screen-grab of the chat on January 26th. However, Rogers agents say they don't have any record of the agent offering me the $139/mo after the promo expiry. But that's not my problem if your agent did not note it down in your records.

Also, at that time, Rogers website itself had the same bundle offer advertised on the website.  Why am I, as a customer, supposed to provide further proof of the pricing/offer? I am providing the screen-grab of the chat, and what more does Rogers want to match that pricing?

 I have the screengrab of the chat on Jan 26th and I can share it with Rogers upon request.


I want rogers to review my July bill - I am being asked to pay $281.61 - whereas, according to my calculation I should be paying $241.32 for July bill (because I had another tv channel package for that month). For august onwards, I should be paying not more than the above calculation of 195.43.

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Re: Fluctuating Bills

Hi @ssshab,



Thank you for your patience and Welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy

I understand the frustration of receiving any inflated bills, I would like to help by having a member of our @CommunityHelps team reach out you via Private Message. Please check your inbox on the Community Forums shortly.