Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3

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Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3

I bought this for 39.95 plus tax and the backing is now separating from the front cover of the Flip, near where it folds over. I am sending an e-mail to Samsung (ca) to see what they will do. I stopped in at the Carlingwood Mall Rogers store to be told there is a 15 day warranty (I had owned for 4 - 6 weeks then) and there was nothing they could do. They suggested I contact the manufacturer. I just wish the salesperson had taken the extta step of, maybe, contacting someone senior instead of just washing his hands of it. It is a new product and they should be prepared to step up to the plate. You think.


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Re: Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3

Hello Gregarious

You said it your self that you passed the 15 day store policy correct? " . I stopped in at the Carlingwood Mall Rogers store to be told there is a 15 day warranty (I had owned for 4 - 6 weeks then) "  If by that it means you owned the case for 4-6 weeks. Beyond the 15 day policy the store gives you. This mean & if you read the box / policy you would see the 1 year warranty is given by Samsung Canada, NOT Rogers. Rogers sells it & gives you 15 days to return it. After that its in the hands of Samsung Canada. That is how Warranty works.

I do fully understand you are upset & such but Rogers has done nothing wrong here. They sold you the case & TOLD you they are giving you 15 days to return it. They told you this after as well & if you read the receipt if you still have it, you will see the same thing as well. You passed those 15 days & the case broke. You need to contact Samsung like you did & they will deal with it. The reps at the store can not go beyond what the policy is at the store. You must understand that. The same thing would happen if you bought the case from Future Shop or Best Buy or any other place.They would tell you to contact Samsung Canada & they need to deal with it.


In the end. No store can do anything else after the buyers remorse. You will need to contact the company that made it & file a warranty claim with them & have them look at it. The receipt & box says the same. Remember, Rogers never made the case therefor they are nice enough to offer the 15 day return period. After that, its Samsungs problem, not Rogers.

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Re: Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3

Minus a few retailers, this is the same, give or take across the board (7-30 days). Most of the time, the place you buy from is a RESELLER, they are selling someone else's product.
They give you those days, to return even if you just don't like it, let alone when it breaks.

Beyond that, it's the manufacturer that is warranting anything else. Go to bestbuy and get a camera, if you don't buy their warranty, it's the exact same.
Go to Canadian tire, you get a black and decker drill, it's the same. Now in their case they CAN for their motomaster stuff, but not everything else.

Really in the end, it comes down to how the company works, and what they are allowed to do themselves with returns. I used to deal with processing returns to the mfgs when I worked retail. In some cases, I would be able to stretch he return, to help the customer, as I know product x the mfg would take back no matter what. But if it was product y I might not be able to.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3

I appreciate all your comments and, to Meowmix, much better than first response. Really, I was just looking to see if anyone had had the same problem and if it had been resolved satsifactorily. Again, thanks for your input.
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