Firmware language

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Firmware language

Hi everybody! I have a question: i have a SG3 bought in Montreal (september 2012) unlocked on december because I had to go back to Italy. I need to set the language of the firmware as ITALIAN even if among the possibilities I have just english , french and chinese...can anybody help me? Thank you!

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Re: Firmware language

I believe you would have to reset the phone to default settings so you can change it again, unless anyone else has any other suggestions. 

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Re: Firmware language

That would be the best bet.. do a restore on the phone (through itunes) and you then get the intial setup page.

HOPEFULLY it has the option there.. but since its a north american phone.. it may be limited in WHAT it has pre loaded (english, french, maybe spanish, etc.)

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Re: Firmware language

Hello GDkitty

It's not a iPhone, it's a S3 so iTunes is useless lol. You will need to have Samsung Kies or do it over the phone.

Also u are right, once the factory reset is done, it should let u pick what language u want.