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Fibre op

I live in East Saint John, NB.  Rumors running rampant that Rogers is introducing fiber op to fight Aliant?  A company was laying cable in the apartment complex where I live and now someone is putting up a building at the back of my building that is almost the size of a 2 door garage.  Again rumor has it is Rogers they are building it for. I have asked several Rogers techs, etc for confirmation but no one is saying anything.


So Rogers are you doing the right thing and up grading my Hickey RD area with fast fiber op?  Bell Aliant can't do it where I live, so say Yes and I will be foreever happy.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Fibre op

Unfortunately your likely  not to get an answer here.. until its done/installed.

Best you can do, is keep asking and inquiring if its available in your area.