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I Plan to Stick Around
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Favorite Blackberry?

Hey everyone!


Just a random question about your favorite blackberry!  I've had a pearl and have recently moved on to an 8520.  Love it!  I was offered a BB Bold from a friend who no longer needs hers, and was considering it.


Tell me more about what you like about your blackberries~this may help me decide if I want to go with the bold or stay with my curve.


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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Favorite Blackberry?

Which Bold have you been offered?


We have 3 9700s and as far as I am concerned, RIM hit the ball out of the park on this design!


The form factor  is well put together, fits nicely in any hand, the buttons are well spaced for use, limited errors and the trackpad works excellent.


The screen is crisp, clear and responsive, and although I would love OS6 on this unit, OS5 works very well.  Fast, not many freezes, a decent browsing experience and handle email quickly and legibly.


WiFi auto switches from WiFi to 3G if you leave the office or house and connect back automatically when you return.


There are plenty of apps for the 9700 (and past models) to do pretty much anything you like from free to a few dollars.  battery life is good. I use them all day (calls, email. light browsing) and really only have to charge it at night.  Youtube is pretty good, if you use the Podcast App, the podcasts look amazing, and the music even on speaker sounds pretty good.




It's shipped with a good leather holster. Invest a few bucks in a charging pod to reduce wear on the charging port and you're off to the races.


256 megs is not bad.  I have tons of apps and there's still about 100 left.


On the negative, I have has a few freezes but mostly, I had everything open at once.  Since I've made a point of a battery pull once a day need it or not, I never have an issue.


I'd like the email on non-mainstream accounts to poll quicker than 15 minutes but I have a work around for that for immediate delivery.


As nice as the screen looks for a BB, it is a finger print magnet as are many phones.  No work around for that, just keep a cloth handy 🙂


I have had occasion where, if I am kind of on the line, far from wifi but still barely connected, it fights a little with itself whether to go WiFi or 3G and I've seen delays.


Why believe that the 9700 is an awesomely functional form factor? Look at the newest 9780.  they've built the same phone again plus memory and a bigger camera.


It ships with a 2 gig flash card.  replace it with an 8 or 16 and then never worry about how many pics or songs you have saved.





Retired Moderator RogersJean
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Re: Favorite Blackberry?

Thanks bubbbab, the 9700 is a very solid phone indeed.




I would recommend playing around with both devices and see which ones you prefer (You can always do this in a Rogers store)

If it is a BOLD 9700 I would refer to the post above.

If it is a BOLD 9000 the main differences vs the 8520 is that is has GPS, 1 Gig internal memory, trackball, is slightly more responsive and most importantly is 3G.