Fast internet after resetting router, but slows afterwards

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Fast internet after resetting router, but slows afterwards

Hi all


Having an issue with the new Cisco DPC3825 router. Currently I'm connected via ethernet while one other user connects wirelessly. We have the express service.


Basically immediately after I reset the router, speeds will be very fast (in the 40s mbps down... even hit 60 once.). But it will then gradually slow, where maybe a few hours later or the next day I'll only get like 1 or 2 mbps down... or less. I notice if I'm the only one online speeds will stay fairly fast but when the other user gets on it slows, and then stays slow even when he is not using it. I would have to reset the router again to gain good speeds again. 


We had the old router (I think it was the Linksys?) and both users could be on without any significant slowdown.


Any ideas of what is going on? Can this be fixed with changing any settings in the router, or do I have to try getting another router and using bridged mode (I'd rather not)? Thanks.



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Re: Fast internet after resetting router, but slows afterwards

The wireless on the Rogers gateways is natoriously bad, and can cause disconnects and other issues.
You would be best to change it into bridged mode, effectively turning it into a modem, an add the wireless router back onto it.

It could be the wireless connection which locking up the router, doing as above should bypass it, and hopefully fix it!