Fast forward gets stuck

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Fast forward gets stuck

I am posting this because I saw a youtube video where the person said that Rogers' technical service said there were no complaints.


I am officially complaining in the community. My PVR get stuck in fast forward. Usually, the PVR box reacts to the command to play/pause 10-20 minutes past where I tried to stop it. However, recently I have had to unplug the box, because there is no response.


For the record, it isn't about pointing the remote or glass. The box does not respond, even when I try to change the channel on the box itself.


There is a problem. Period, end of story.




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Re: Fast forward gets stuck

There are some other users, which have reported this as well.


You have done some of the first troubleshooting steps (which did fix for a few users, but no, not all of them were this issue).

One other thing, one user has found, is that some of the newer TVs, the IR sensor on them has some more advanced fuctions on it, which it making the IR on the TV to strong, and reducing it to a basic function, did solve it, in one or two cases.  Worth taking a look, just incase.


I am not saying its NOT the box problem possibly, just trying to iliminate all factors.
There ARE others who have posted about it..  but its not a global issue.. so its either an external factor, specific boxes hardware (a certian revision of a part inside), etc.

If you are on a rental, first thing i would sugest, is returning/exchanging it.  If the next box you get has the same thing, it may be an external factor still.