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FOX Sports Racing

I Plan to Stick Around

Today I turn on channel 409 Fox Sports Racing, and it says "Not Authorized"
I'll ASSUME this means the 'free preview' is over now, and it ISN'T included in my current package...

I would like to thank Rogers for keeping me informed of this channel's status and that I would be loosing it as of today; and what package I would have to buy in order to KEEP the channel! 😞


Re: FOX Sports Racing

I Plan to Stick Around

@pboc CP24 is on the most basic package, so I'm not sure what you are on about there...

FSR is only on Rogers (still), and not available on Bell or Shaw.
so you are stuck in the same boat as I am... no FSR because it's beyond my budget 😞

@OLDYELLR I'm currently looking for any info on the new ' Skinny Basic', but of course there is none.
If you know where I can find any info, please pass it on to me! 🙂

Re: FOX Sports Racing

There really isnt anything yet 😞

By march 1st, Skinny basic is suposed to be available.  It will be a SMALL package, consisting of a bunch of channels mandated by the CRTC.  All canadian content.  May include stuff like CTV, CP, etc?  This will cost no more than $25.
(carriers can add MORE to it it at their disgression).
At this time, they CAN provide individual channels & or packages to add onto it.. but they dont HAVE to, until Dec.  At that point ALL carriers must have skinny basic and all the individual channels, etc available.

Pricing on the individual channels?  It may vary.  You can bet that POPULAR channels (HBO, sports channels, etc) are likely to cost MORE than more basic channels.
And this isnt just likely gouging from the carriers.. it may be as much from the channel owners.  EG: HBO, rogers has to now work on NEW licensing deals to get that channel on a one by one (vs in a bulk deal with others).. and the channel owner will have control over how much they ask the carriers for it.

Re: FOX Sports Racing

I Plan to Stick Around
Thanks @Gdkitty I already know the basics, and possibly more since I'm in London where we tested it a few years ago 😉

BUT, when did they change the date from 'By March 2016' to December 2016?
Last I read the CRTC had the date set at March...

Re: FOX Sports Racing

let me see if i can find it.

It pretty much came down to the wording on it.. 
that skinny and full pick and pay are two sperate things.. and for march its the 'can' provide vs MUST.

Re: FOX Sports Racing

Moreover, by March 2016, all discretionary services will have to be offered by licensed broadcasting distribution undertakings (BDUs) either on a pick-and-pay basis or in small, reasonably priced packages, which may either be created by the subscriber (for example, pick-5 or pick-10) or pre-assembled (for example, theme packs)


Further, by December 2016, all discretionary services will have to be offered on both a pick-and-pay and a small package basis by all licensed BDUs. This will give distributors time to make the changes that are needed to roll out these new options to their subscribers.

So by march, they have to have the skinny basic... they CAN have full pick and pay.. or can just have addon packs to basic.
By Dec.. they HAVE to have full pick and pay.