Extremely Late bill

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Extremely Late bill

Not sure if I post this here...Anyway. So In july I got canned from a job, and in my town, if you lose a job you're basically screwed. Since then I have not been able to find a job since one week ago. Now I can finally pay my phonebill! but big problem...Rogers Cancelled my phone plan and its my credit! i'm 19 and I'm freaking out hard. I can pay it in 2 days but will it reinstate my service or will I have to set up a new plan?! My roger's is saying "CANCELLED CONTRACT" Instead of "CONTRACT SUSPENDED" I'm Not sure what to do. When ever I am able to pay I get screwed with a huge real life dilemma that needs it more than the bill.  I'm not sure what to do. I need this phone for work now & need to be able to re activate it....

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Re: Extremely Late bill

Hello shimoshamman

Sorry to hear that:(.  Sadly the reason why they cancelled it is because it seems you never contacted Rogers to make payment arrangements or anything like that with. . As the user, you have to give Rogers notice you can't pay your bill and they will be able to help u. Rogers will send your account to the collection agency for none payment. All this could have been avoided by one simple phone call to them and seen what they could have done for you.  

Now seeing as you have the money to pay it, the account has been cancelled and due to it being cancelled for none payment, they can reactivate the line but may not be able give you the same number and plan u had. So this means you will sign a new contract with a new line and plan and all. Also most likely you will need to put down a down deposit of a amount for them to open a account. All this can be discussed when calling into Rogers. Ask for the retention department and see what they can do for u.