Extreme Text Messaging, a primer

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Extreme Text Messaging, a primer

Extreme Text Messaging doesn't get a lot of attention any more, but it can still be a very useful tool that Rogers provides. The MyAccount App for iPhone and Android provides access to this feature or did at one point. If not or if you have another type of phone, then you can access http://rogers.com/m/etm or http://rogers.jumptxt.com/personal-sms/home.action from your mobile device (not on wifi) to access the service. From the website or the app, you have access to the following:


Forward: Allows you to set another Rogers/Fido mobile phone number to forward all incoming texts.

Copy: allows you to set any Canadian/US number or any email address to have all incoming and outgoing texts copied to. 

Auto Reply: Allows you to set a message that will automatically be sent to anyone that sends you an SMS.

Distribution lists: Allows you to create short codes (5 digit numbers) and then assign multiple phone numbers to that short code as a distribution list. Whenever you subsequently send a text to that short code number, the text will automatically be sent to everyone on the distribution list.

Personal Signature: Allows you to create a signature message that will automatically be appended to all texts you send.

Text Blocker: Allows to you enter any phone number(s) to block. Once set all texts to and from that number will be blocked.


Admittedly, some of these have limited value today in the face of cross platform messaging services/apps becoming so popular. But some of us still receive and send a fair number of texts on a regular basis. I find Copy and auto-reply to be handy when I travel internationally and using a SIM from another carrier. Texts still reach me and I can automatically respond to alert the sender that I am away. Text blocking is also useful for those who have someone that just don't want to hear from.



And this is included for all Rogers postpaid wireless customers. 

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Re: Extreme Text Messaging, a primer



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