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Extreme Plus Plan

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I have the old Extreme Plus Internet package, which has a download speed of 45mbps and an upload speed of 4mbps. I check my speeds with and the Rogers cable app every once in a while. I've noticed over the past few days that my upload speed is now 2mbps, but download is still normal. Does anyone know if Rogers can change the upload speed by doing something to my modem/router? I have the SMCD3GN.



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Re: Extreme Plus Plan


Well.. here is another thought to look at.

I know you were loooking at the 150 package for the extra upload..

BUT... what about the 60/10 package?  It still has a decent upload on it.
AND.. with those.. you are able to go with the CISCO one (which is 8 channel... so still higher than the SMC).

As far as i am aware.. wireless printing does work on that one. (not sure if it does or not on the CGN2)

Re: Extreme Plus Plan



Thanks for that. What's the Cisco one called?


I just had another thought myself. You mentioned using another router with the CGN3 to take care of the wireless printing problem. I do have my old Dlink router from many years ago sitting around, but I don't know if it's up to the task these days. How would it be used with the CGN3?

Re: Extreme Plus Plan

That would be the DPC-3825.  There are probably a couple of ways to use your older D-Link router.  One would be to connect it to the CGN3 via ethernet and set it up as an access point, running its own network with just the wireless printer connected to it.  You would then use the wireless on the CGN3 for your pc or laptop on a different wireless network.  The second way to use it would be to configure the D-Link to act as a wireless bridge to the CGN3.  The D-Link is then connected via USB or ethernet to the printer.  If the printer and D-Link router don't have a common connection capability like USB or ethernet ports you would probably have to use the first method.

Re: Extreme Plus Plan

The Cisco one is the DPC 3825 as Datalink said.

All in all, not a bad modem.. BUT not great either.


PERSONALLY.. especially if you wanted to get th 150 plan.. i would go about using your old Dlink.
Is it the greatest, get the best speeds? No, not likely.. but for just printing.. who cares?


Getting the CGN3, if you are using the wireless on it, etc.. will also give the advantage of the 5ghz range on it as well.




As for setup..
I would set up your CGN3, create your PRIMARY wireless network. 

Choose your SSIDs (i would choose DIFFERENT names between the 2.4 and 5ghz ones.)

On your 2.4... you will want to set a specific channel.
(now, up to you if you want to do a little site survey or not before hand, we can help you run)

Usually 1 or 6 or 11.
NORMALLY if most people leave things on default, you will see the MOST around the 6 mark... SAFEST, unless there is something specific in the area already on it, i would likely thing 1 would be the best.

(Durring all the above.. the CGN3 should be on i beleive.. if not, change any addresses that follow accordingly if its .1.1, etc)



Now, separately, you will want to set up your dlink to get it ready.
Plug a PC into it wired (hopefully, its the easiest), and with it NOT connected to anything else.
Let it get an address, and you should be able to then log into ITS setup page.
(worse case if you dont remember... do a HARD reset on it.. hold the reset for a good 20+ seconds then release.. and then can start fresh).
You will want to change the router from DYNAMIC (getting the address normally from the modem) to STATIC.. and then set is as an IP in the range of your CGN3s ips  (EG:
Set up your wireless security on it.. a different SSID.. probably channel 11.
Turn OFF DHCP, firewall, etc on it.
So pretty much now, it should only allow thing to connect to it.. but they will go back to the CGN3 to get their address from the DHCP there.
When plugging in, you dont want to put it in the WAN port.. but one of the LAN ports.

Re: Extreme Plus Plan

OK, I have lots of food for thought here. Thanks to everyone again. I'm not in a rush to upgrade my Internet plan, so I've decided to wait for a while to see if/when the CGN3 problem gets fixed, presumably by a firmware update, so I will continue to watch this forum. In the meantime, I'll experiment with my old router, which I should be able to do wtih my SMC modem.


I went back to my local Rogers store today and asked them to cancel the hold on a CGN3 which they arranged at another store. I told them about the lack of wireless printer support on the CGN3 and, guess what? They were completely surprised. Smiley Wink


EDIT: I was working on this reply when Gdkitty posted the above. Thank you very much for all that work. I'm going to copy it into a Word document for easy reference.