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Extreme Plus Plan

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I have the old Extreme Plus Internet package, which has a download speed of 45mbps and an upload speed of 4mbps. I check my speeds with and the Rogers cable app every once in a while. I've noticed over the past few days that my upload speed is now 2mbps, but download is still normal. Does anyone know if Rogers can change the upload speed by doing something to my modem/router? I have the SMCD3GN.



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Re: Extreme Plus Plan

Any device that has a gigabit port on it should run without issue and deliver the expected data rate and beyond with Speedboost added in.  Any device that has a 10/100 Mb/s port will see a maximum of about 35 Mb/s download rate.  Although the port will be running at 100 Mb/s full duplex, the CGN3 will only deliver that 35 Mb/s data rate through its connected port.  That has caused a significant amount of confusion and a great deal of time lost as users test everything they have, only to discover that the problem is internal to the CGN3.  The solution, until a firmware fix comes along is to install a gigabit port equiped firewall, router or switch between the CGN3 and any 10/100 Mb/s devices.  In the case where you are running in Gateway mode, the switch will act as a buffer between the CGN3 and the device, allowing both to run at their max interconnect rates and download rates.  So, the CGN3 port will run at 1 Gb/s as will the connected switch port, and the device will connect to the switch at 100 Mb/s.  If you were running 150 Mb/s for your plan, you would then see a max download rate of 100 Mb/s for those 10/100 Mb/s devices connected thru the switch, instead of the 35 Mb/s you would see with a direct connection.  Anything with a gigabit port should see a max download rate around 200 mb/s or above with Speedboost.  The same situation applies if you were running in Bridge mode with a gigabit port equiped firewall or router installed.  The firmware bug is present in both Gateway and Bridge mode.


The other problem you will have is with your printer if it is a wireless printer, as the CGN3 does not appear to support wireless multicast, which is necessary for wireless printers.  If the printer is wired, you can access it through the wireless networks.


Corrected Version:  ....the CGN3 does not appear to support wireless multicast.....

Re: Extreme Plus Plan

Depending on your TV or AVR.. i could see them maybe only having 10/100.. so might be effected by the bug.. but if throughput on them is not as critical.. i wouldnt worry about it.
(if streaming stuff through them via DLNA, etc.. all of that will likely be not doing 35+ anyways)


Yeah.. the only other thing, you will run into, as Datalink mentioned.. is the wireless printer. 😞

One option.. if you have even say a old old old wireless router sticking around.. it to set it up as a seperate AP,  just for the Wireless printer.
Alternatively..   bridge mode.. or a better one to replace the wireless alltogether as an AP, etc.

(can confirm, using a 3rd party just as an AP for wireless only, the CGN3 still doing the routing... wireless printing works.)

Re: Extreme Plus Plan

Thank you gentlemen. I'm totally confused about wireless printers, though. Are you both saying they simply don't work with the CGN3 as it's configured out of the box? I have no way of connecting my printer other than wirelessly as it's in a different room from my computer. That's a deal breaker for me. I'm not interested in playing around with other routers, etc. just to get a functioning system. My SMC is 4 years old and it has none of the problems mentioned in the many threads on the CGN3.


This is a rhetorical question, but why is it that Rogers keeps introducing new products like the NextBox 3 and the CGN3 that don't work as well as their predecessors and/or have lots of "bugs"? In my case, that would be my SMC router and a 10 year old 8300HD PVR.

Re: Extreme Plus Plan

"Are you both saying they simply don't work with the CGN3 as it's configured out of the box?"  Yup, unfortunately.  But, there is more than one way to connect a wireless printer which no one seems to remember.  If the printer has an ethernet connection, you can simply connect via ethernet from the router which in the end gives you a wireless connection from the pc/laptop to the router and then wired to the printer.  So it's still wireless from the pc/laptop.  There is also wireless direct and bluetooth.  What you could do is determine if you can connect through either wireless direct or bluetooth.  If you're successful, you don't need a wireless router to support a printer and going to the CGN3 wouldn't be an issue.  If you can't connect via those two, keep in mind that the next firmware version is rumoured to be out before the new year.  Hopefully it will address this situation, but my guess is that we won't know until its out.


Here are a couple of links that might help:


Re: Extreme Plus Plan



Thanks for the reply. As I said earlier, I cannot connect my printer via cables, ethernet or otherwise, because it's in a separate room from my computer. That's why I use wireless. The HP is an OfficeJet 8500 which is about 6 years old and there's no Bluetooth support, only Wi-Fi. It has worked flawlessly on wireless for 6 years, even back in the days when Rogers didn't support it directly. I had a Rogers Motorola modem connected to a Dlink router. They were replaced by my SMC router 4 years ago when I moved into a new place and got the first Extreme Internet package.


Thanks for everything. You and Gdkitty have prevented me from making a big mistake. Rogers is just so disappointing. I laugh when I see their marketing hype referring to the CGN3 as an "advanced Wi-Fi modem". Yeah, it's so advanced and far into the future that it doesn't support wireless printers. Smiley Tongue


The irony of all this is, as far as I know, my SMC is capable of supporting the higher speed Hybrid Fibre plans, at least the 60/10 one and maybe even the 150/15. I understand from being on these forums that Rogers won't allow me to use it for that purpose because they are concerned about congestion, and the SMC doesn't have enough channels.