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External Hard drive loses recordings after update

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi. I have the Rogers branded 1 terabyte extender with an 8642 pvr 160 gig and every time, yes everytime there is an update all my recordings are gone. Any morning we come out and the box is sitting on channel 1 we turn on the tv, everything locks up and have to reboot the pvr.

When it comes back up, all of our recordings are unnaccesible. This has happened numerous times. I have called and politely complained each time and all I ever get is "it happens". Seriously, had I known this was an issue that Rogers can't seem to fix and don't seem to care about I wouldn't have spent 300 bucks on a hard drive for it.

If anyone has any similar stories or ideas I sure could use them as this situation is getting old really quickly.

The last update came July 21, 2011 when we got up and all the good shows were gone and we were asked to format yet again.

Thanks for reading about this very frustrating situation.




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Re: External Hard drive loses recordings after update

I've Been Here Awhile

i've got an 8300 and i lost all my recordings too.  so i don't think it is an 8642 issue.  it's a rogers issue

Re: External Hard drive loses recordings after update

I'm a Senior Advisor
It's a software issue with the pvr's.. It's been happening with each upgrade pretty much.. Your best bet is to stop using an external drive.. If you really need more space I would recommend upgrading the internal hdd. Check out Digital Home Canada forums for lots of information on which hdd's work and which tools to use.
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