Explorer 8642HD sound level

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Explorer 8642HD sound level

In exchange for my faulty silver PVR, I got the newer Explorer 8642. The sound level is drastically lower than the previous PVR. I exchanged it again, and got the same results. I have to boost the sound on my TV quite a bit more than with the silver PVR.

Is this normal or is there a setting I did not find yet ?




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Re: Explorer 8642HD sound level

Hi JP25,


You might want to try the steps outlined here to see if it resolves your problem. The step 6 in particular might be what's causing the lower volume compared to your previous digital box as I was able to resolve the same problem with mine.





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Re: Explorer 8642HD sound level

How are you connecting the PVR to your TV? Are you controlling volume through the PVR or through the TV?

It may just be that the volume setting on the PVR is set lower and if you raise it first it should be louder..