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Explorer 8642HD pvr

I Plan to Stick Around

I own two different pvrs. The 8642 HD does not use the 950 channel as a playback channel. Does anyone know why because I find if I am watching a show while recording two I have to leave the channel on one of the stations recording.

Also although I have it set to show the time when it is off it always resorts back to the channel I have set for it to come on to.


any suggestions from the Roger pvr expert community.



p.s. still waiting for the fix for the 8300 guide fix 😞



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Re: Explorer 8642HD pvr

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Yeah, the playback channel thing  has changed.. and we run into that, especaily when we run off a recoded thing, and it falls back while two others are recording, it goes to promt us to stop recording one.
This is one of the BUGS they need to fix in this Guide.. no real fix for this.


Is the other problem, happening only overnight?

Re: Explorer 8642HD pvr

I Plan to Stick Around

the second problem is.. when I turn it off it displays the time (as I want it to do ) but later ( don't have a time for that )  it resorts back to channel 24 the station I have set for it to come on to.

Re: Explorer 8642HD pvr

So it turns ON and shows the channel? Weird.. havent seen that one.

I know, over night, when the box updates/reboots.. people that choose to  have the display OFF.. it will turn back on..

But havent hears of that error before..  sorry i cant be more help.

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