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Explorer 8300HD does not record complete program.

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Whenever I record a program the length shows 30 min or 1hr for a 1 hr show after the recording has completed. The problem is that the PVR does not record the last 1-2 min. So there's a clock problem somewhere. Either the online clock on the box is incorrect or the show starts 1-2 min late. Can I fix this. I tried to set the end time 2 min later but it doesn't always let me add 2 min.





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Re: Explorer 8300HD does not record complete program.

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Just last night I had problems extending a scheduled recording by a few minutes.

This was after watching The Big Bang Theory, as I forgot there's usually footage right to the End Credits.

It wouldn't let me extend next week's scheduled recording right away.

I ended up deletinf the Scheduled recording, and then was able to add it back today (Friday) and extend the end time.

Re: Explorer 8300HD does not record complete program.

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It's not a clock problem it's a network scam... They start shows late or early and have them run long so that 2 things will happen:

1 - you will not pvr and will watch live so you don't miss anything
2 - you will not change channels at the end of a show because you missed the start of the shows on the other channel.

It's all about making you watch live and staying on their channel all night..

You can always add 2 min to the end of your recording but sometimes you have other things recording and they conflict, or it's hard to do a reoccurring recording with the buffer added...
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