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Existing Spotify Account

I Plan to Stick Around

Im thinking of revising my plan, and noticed spotify is an option for 24 months free... How does this work if i have an existing premium spotify account? do i have to cancel that in order to take advantage of this offer, i can imagine some sort of conflict.

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Re: Existing Spotify Account

I've Been Here Awhile
very helpful thanks so much

Re: Existing Spotify Account

I've Been Here Awhile
Rogers just fixed my spotify yesterday. I guess there was some big glitch they had to fix. Its working now so Im really happy 🙂 It was not something that could be fixed over the phone. Took quite awhile, but they got it going

Re: Existing Spotify Account

Hi @AMarieS,

Thank you for your patience.

I will have @CommunityHelps contact you via private message. Please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.


Re: Existing Spotify Account

I signed up for the share everything plan partially because of Spotify.  It set up on my phone ok, but my daughters new phone only says its a trial.  I registered the phone, have a long user number but Spotify is saying its a trial, not premium like mine.  What can i do to rectify this?

Re: Existing Spotify Account

I've Been Around
Why does it ask me to upgrade to Spotify Premium when I have it already

Re: Existing Spotify Account

I've Been Around

The Rogers web site is failing to complete setting up my Spotify account link. Every time I log into the Rogers site to manage my Spotify link, I go through the first few steps of the process, but then get stuck after logging into my Spotify account (see screencap).

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.14.39 AM.png

Re: Existing Spotify Account

Hello @RogersPrasana - I am having the same issue as well, and have reached out to a Rogers Live representative in addition to speaking to a Rogers Customer Service representative over the phone. Please advise a solution to this issue ASAP. Thank you.

Re: Existing Spotify Account

Hi @krisreeed,


If you require further assistance on this matter, please send us a PM to @CommunityHelps and we will further assist.

Re: Existing Spotify Account

I've Been Around

hi im tying to log into my spotify but unortunately becaus ei signed up my email on credit card befoe i got my free rogers subscribtion started i cant undo that email its just giving me a random username 

Re: Existing Spotify Account

Good evening @Justin_1001,


Thank you for your post & Welcome to the Forums!


I hope you were able to resolve your Spotify registration issue, since you posted. I'm confident we will have the ability to help.


Before registering your existing account, did you cancel your paid subscription?


If you have a Spotify Premium paid subscription, you will need to cancel it in order to have Spotify Premium applied as your included experience. You can do it directly from their website after signing in.


Normally, once that is done, you will have the ability to complete the registration process directly from MyRogers, while keeping the same username (and existing playlists etc.)


Hope this helps!





Re: Existing Spotify Account

I'm Here A Lot

I already have 3 Spotify accounts being used as part of rogers subscription. i need help to remove one of the accounts and swap them another. can anyone help me with this please?

Re: Existing Spotify Account

Hi @addios,


Thanks for reaching out!  As a fellow Spotify fan and music lover, I hope we can get this sorted out for you.


My apologies, but I might need some clarification here.  From my understanding, currently, you have 3 Spotify usernames on your account, and would like to remove one username to add another? 


If this is the case, let us know and we can look into it further.  


All the best,


Re: Existing Spotify Account

Hi @RogersShaun

Thanks for reaching out to me. Yes, that is exactly the case. Thank you for looking into this for me

Re: Existing Spotify Account

Hi. I last renewed my contract in April 2016 and am receiving Spotify for the duration of my 2 year contract (until April 2018). If I want to upgrade my device today, can I extend my Spotify for the duration of the new contract (June 2019)?



Re: Existing Spotify Account

Hi @krown,



I'm glad you're enjoying Spotify enough to extend the duration. However, the included experience is a one-time 24-month offer. Changing or renewing plans will not extend the free experience duration. 


Just as an FYI free access will end after your promotional period, but your subscription will continue and you’ll be charged on your bill. You can opt out at any time by managing your experience through your MyRogers account.


Hope this helps 🙂



@addios Did you get a chance to reach out to us and get the issue looked after? Please keep us posted!






Re: Existing Spotify Account

I’m currently one year in on the 2 year free premium Spotify. I’ve held off upgrading our phones as I’m really enjoying Spotify and don’t wish to lose it. Am I correct that if I upgrade our devices and change our plan in any way, that I’ll lose the remaining term on our free Spotify?

Re: Existing Spotify Account

Welcome to the Community @Basketball Robot Happy!


I'm glad you've enjoyed Spotify enough to hold off on any changes to ensure you keep the experience for the length of the promotion.


As long as you're changing to an eligible Share Everything + plan your original promotional period will continue for the length of the offer. 


Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns with your Spotify experience.






Re: Existing Spotify Account

Free spotify


So when you sign up with a 2 year plan you have the option to try Spotify for free for 6 months. But I already have Spotify, so do I get to try something else for free or is Rogers going to pay for my Spotify for 6 months and how to go about that?

Re: Existing Spotify Account

Hey @Shelbyfski,


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums!


Did you have a chance to review the Accepted Solution provided by @RogersMaude, in this thread? If not, have a look HERE! You can find the answer to your questions there :).


Don't forget to do a search, before posting since some questions may already have an existing thread and answer :).





Re: Existing Spotify Account

Removed thread.


Spotify no longer offered and is not relevant to the Community.