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Retired Moderator RogersAliciaG
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Re: Existing Spotify Account


 I am sorry for any confusion. 

I would like to have a look into your online profile. 

I am going to reach out to you in PM via CommunityHelps. 




I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Existing Spotify Account

Yes, I had a paid subscription. I went to Rogers Experience, chose Spotify, filled in my uSpotify sername and password, canceled the paid subscription, as per FAQ, then cliecked on "Register" to download (again) the Spotify player. 


Everything looks good on the Rogers Experience page (I have the "Listen button"), but on Spotify I get:


Your Premium subscription will end on 2015-10-16 and you will no longer have offline, ad-free music. Resubscribe to keep the tunes flowing.


So I guess the Rogers registration never worked. What can I do? Please don"t tell me to wait until October 16, as a Rogers agent told me on the phone. 😞


Can you unlink Spotify from my account, so I can register again?

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Re: Existing Spotify Account

Good evening @dan62,


Thank you for your post!


Sorry for the issues you are having with your Spotify subscription. Smiley Embarassed


If your paid subscription expired on October 16th, it could simply mean that it was the end of billing period and therefore it will be free as of the 17th! Could you verify for us please? You can contact Spotify directly if you would like.


If you did in fact go to Rogers Experience page, choose Spotify, filled in your Spotify credentials and got a confirmation that your paid subscription was canceled, you should be good to go!


If everything looks good on the Rogers Experience page (and you do get the "Listen button"), I would not want you to panic. I am under the impression that you will simply stop being billed after that date but you will remain able to use the service. 


Let us know if you would like further assistance in regards to this Smiley Wink



I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Existing Spotify Account

Thanks for the reply. Yes, Oct 16 is the last day of paid subscription (as you know, on Spotify you pay one month in advance.) I am just afraid that on October 17 it will revert to the free subscription, as another user mentioned on this thread. I think that on Spotify it should have said something like "connected through a partner" or something similar. I have a second line on the same Rogers account, with a separate Spotify account, and this is what it says. The difference is that it was a new Spotify account, not an existing one.


Hopefully it is as you say, and it will still work on October 17.

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Re: Existing Spotify Account

You are very welcome @dan62!


Please let the Community know the outcome, it could help other users.


I do agree that the message you get about the cancelled premium subscription should say that as well, that it will simply be replaced by a free subscription. There's no stopping progress!


Don't hesitate to reach out if you do need assistance in the future Smiley Happy




Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
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Re: Existing Spotify Account

@Buttarcup It only kicks in once your existing premium ends.


That's what I have been seeing.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Existing Spotify Account

This has reached the point of being farcical. Rogers behaviour on this is inexcusable. 


  1. I followed all the prompts on MyRogers to link my Spotify account to MyRogers Experience. When prompted, I cancelled my Spotify Premium. 
  2. I now have MyRogers showing my Spotify account as being my experience, but my Spotify account is only a free account, not a Premium one. 
  3. I have spent more than 3 hours on Rogers Live Chat looking for help resolving the problem with no success. 
  4. In those 3 hours, I have had Rogers reps tell me that they've "done all they can do" so I should just suck it up. 
  5. In those 3 hours, I have had Rogers reps tell me it's not their problem, it's Spotify's (even though I've already gone through Spotify support to ensure that it's not). 
  6. I finally had a helpful rep open a "case" with the "back office" and promised I would get a call. I got that call, the rep let it ring twice and then hung up without even leaving a mesage. 
  7. I then followed up with Live Chat and was promised another call today. When I answered the call got disconnected. I then phoned Rogers support and was told that the ticket was closed by whomever I was disconnected from but that rep said he'd reopen it and escalate it and I would definitely get a call today. Of course I never got the call. 

I can't fix this on my own because when I try to swith my experience to Shomi to try and switch it back to see if that works, I get an error message: System Unavailable offers.error-code-title: 40001.


The bottom line is that Rogers promised me free Spotify and they refuse to deliver. They cannot fix the problem and they cannot provide support. Instead, they choose to insult me, ignore me, and break their promises. This is highly unappreciated and I am days away from going to Telus or Bell.


Basically, I am giving whomever provides support through the community a FINAL change to fix this and give me what Rogers promised: free Spotify. 


I've Been Around
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Re: Existing Spotify Account

Same problem here.

Retired Moderator RogersPrasana
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Re: Existing Spotify Account

Hi @MikeViz and @iamalexk



Welcome to the Community Forums!


That’s frustrating to deal with and we would like the opportunity to look in your account to get your access to Spotify working.


 I’m going to send you a private message from @CommunityHelps. Please check our message via the envelope icon that appears on the top right-hand side of your screen when you are logged in to the forums.




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Existing Spotify Account

Same problem here. waisted over 3 hours. Rogers have no answer.  first live chat Tracy said that she can not even create a case unless i create new user name and profile. then Live chat said to the live phone call support that they have created a case and it will take 5 to 7 days.

what a waist of time.