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Error message -01-

I've Been Around

Good day all, shortly after owning my two Nextbox , one a pvr and one HD,(rent to own Rogers program) they both stopped working and show the message 01 on the screen while trying to boot up. Rogers was only too happy to rent me another as there is no warranty or and repairs services available. There must be somewhere these can be looked at. At the very least it would be nice to keep this stuff out of a landfill.







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Re: Error message -01-

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Often if the box gets stuck on -01-, it's simply a signal issue in your home or in your neighbourhood, or a (temporary) issue at the Rogers head end.  Call Rogers and have them check the signal to make sure that's not the cause of the problem.  Yes, the new boxes may be working, but not necessarily for very long if it was a signal issue. Not all boxes work with the same signal if it's borderline.  


Try another reboot with the boxes. It's extremely rare for two to fail, however, if there are really two failures, then it could be related to power surges, improper incoming cable grounding, or something else like that in the home.  I always recommend having a PVR plugged into a UPS.


If you reply here, it would be useful to have the exact make/model of the boxes as well as your rough location.  See the following post on signal:


If the box shows "----" on the front, it needs activation.  Often the first line CSRs are not very good at solving these issues, so ask for "second level" if you're not getting satisfaction from the first CSR.  Rogers have no incentive to getting boxes that you own working, so a firm, but polite attitude on your part can often get results.

Re: Error message -01-

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An interesting problem


Hi Rogers--


Recently, I resubscribed to Rogers cable. I had it in the same apartment (mid-town Toronto) for eight years, then took a ten month break, and now I am back. Everything about my location and set-up is the same. 


I purchased my own HD cable box (from Rogers) in 2010, and used it for seven years. When I resubscribed, there was some difficulty getting the box to work. So I was advised to take the cable box into a rogers store to be re-registered. At the same time, I was also offered 1-years free rental of a new nextbox. 


I took my set top box in, and had it re-linked to my account, and also got the new box. I only have one TV, but I figured I'd try the new one, since it was free. When I got home and plugged in the new box, it won't work. It just reads -01-, and the time never appears. 


However, when I reattached my OLD box, it took it a bit of time, but it made the connection, and it works fine. I get all the channels, guides etc. After discovering this, I again tried the nextbox, and left it connected for 24 hours to see if it ever worked. But no--so I went back to the old box, and it is fine. 


This isn't costing me any money, and I have a set box and cable working fine. But it is curious as to why the Netbox won't work, and the old obsolete one does. Same setup steps, so it isn't that. 


My cable is split once (i.e. internet/tv). But my signal strength for internet is fine. Any thoughts? Not really interested in paying for a technician to come by and look at it. Why pay money when the cable works anyway? But it is perplexing. 

Re: Error message -01-

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The Nextboxes tend to be less tolerant of signal issues than the older boxes. 

So its most likely that the signal is just out of range for the Nextbox but is fine for the older model box.



Re: Error message -01-

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Resident Expert

@Capt_Obvious , as mentioned by @Lurker , the issue is likely signal related. See post 2 of this thread and the link there.

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