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Error Code 80048889 when Accessing Gmail

I Plan to Stick Around

I'm was getting error code 80048889 which effectively shut down  gmail access from my Nokia 920.    I can't blame Rogers for this one as it appears to be another example of Google and Windows not getting along.    As soon as I opened my email app I noticed that your gmail is not updating and then a nasty black screen with this error code came up.   I was certain my gmail account was hacked.   I asked a co-worker with an iphone about it and he said he occasionally gets problems like that but not the error code.   Once I got home I fired up the PC to check my mail and it was all there.   This narrowed the problem to my phone.   I searched the error code and came up with lots of hits.   I think it happens when daylight savings time kicked in because most the other comments seem to be from last spring.   The best explanation was a video youtube at .    I followed the directions and also decided to de-linke my calendar from Google's calendar since I don't use theirs anyway.    This fixed the problem.     It sounds like it is only a matter of time before this happens to your Windows Phone and not just the Lumia 920.    Hopefully this will be of help to the next victim of the Google bug.   


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Re: Error Code 80048889 when Accessing Gmail

Community Manager (Retired)

Is any Community member able to assist @Glen_B with their issue?



Re: Error Code 80048889 when Accessing Gmail

I Plan to Stick Around
I don't recall the error code, but I had a similar problem a while back. It turned out to be an image attached to a contact in Gmail. Try going into your Gmail contacts and deleting the pictures you have saved for your contacts. After that, everything synced fine.
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