Ericsson W35 to 3G10WVR to 3G25WVR

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Ericsson W35 to 3G10WVR to 3G25WVR

Yep, since 2.5 years I'm using a rocket hub, NO OTHER choice since I'm out of any city/town.


We where lucky at the time that Rogers offred such a product, no other provider came where we live.

The first year with the W35 where pretty good until the machine died. They sent me a replacement, it never work as good as the first one, one day, it wound't work properly so I have to reniew my subscription for 3 years to get a fair price on the 3G10WVR.

It came in the post and didn't work for more then 5 days, they then sent me a 3G25WVR, my plan is phone/data??? the 25 as no phone port, it worked in and out for a few months until it stop working properly, I then put back the second W35 and work ok since a month ago. I had it and had major argument with Rogers... They would not send me anyting else then the 25... Now that I got it it work like the other 25, BAD! I have an external antena pointing at the closest tower, about 4km, it change nothing, I have to reboot the darn thing every 2-3 hourrs or so. Now, that refurbish unit the just sent me was baldy frozen this morning, all light ON indicating high reception but without any antena plug into this one.


Right now I'm thetering on my Samsung Note... and my girlfrind on her Iphone4, the connection is very solid. Rogers tell me (after 2 hours of waiting to get the only guys who seem to know a bit about Rocket hub) that I may now live to far from the tower with the sensitive Netcomm product. Well, send me a W35, it was the best overall, even if the Netcomm are faster with 5-7 meg download. My signal show HI on both model (W35 - Netcomm), both machine are show that I have internet but I have none, again, no problem thetering on my phone.


I hope that Rogers would read my post.


I'm hopelss with an average invoice per month of 500$ (3-phone - and 1 Rocket hub.


Sorry for my bad English, I'm french speaking.




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I've Been Around
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Re: Ericsson W35 to 3G10WVR to 3G25WVR

Hi you the "French" writing in English


I am experiencing the same problems as you described with the Ericsson W35/Rogers.

I also have an external antenna mounted in a tower which is connected to the Ericsson W35 in the house.


One other problem that I have is the WIFI connection which drops 50% of the time.

I am told that the problem is that Rogers does not do any updates of the unit even though Ericsson does and has fixed the problem.

Other network providers using the same machine do allow their customers/users to upgrade their units to fix their problems.


I too have to restart (via the Rogers GUI for this Ericsson unit) very frequently.

And yes indeed, it often shows a good connection, when in fact there is no communication.

Therefore, one would think that it is the signal from the tower that has gone down.

However, many times, I simply restart the Ericsson router, and everything is fine....for a short while...!


Moreover, even though I am located way within Rogers' covered area for the 3G, 3G+ networks, the strenght of the signal as observed from the Rogers GUI varies quite a bit, and often simply goes blank (big X across the bar graph.


I have noticed that the unit runs relatively "hot", i.e. if you touch the unit around the top at the back, it is relatively hot.

I have experienced more frequent failures (death) when the unit was located between my HP8600 printer and my flat-screen monitor. Not much heat out of those two devices, but still enough to render the W35 unit frequently inoperative (completely dead).


Since then, I have relocated the W35 in the basement where the temperature is lower.

The unit no longer goes "dead", but I am still experiencing signal variations and sometimes no communication at all

(an "X" across the communication level display on the Rogers GUI) before.


I don't know whether their "4G" network could offer a better solution (3G25WR).

I do not use the telephone feature (not reliable enough), but I do have 4 connections to it

(3 hardwired and 1 wireless)



Good luck !!!

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Re: Ericsson W35 to 3G10WVR to 3G25WVR

Eh Tiboute:


This is a "Dutch" guy writing in English......


I too have a W35, and have been using it quite successfully for nearly three years now.  I have not had any over temperature problems at any time, but then my W35 is in a reasonably well ventilated spot.


I have not had any WiFi problems, but I do have fairly frequent Internet connection drops.  These occur, just like for you, even though the W35 shows that the internet connection is just fine.


These internet disconnections seem to occur mostly when the cell network is busy.  So they occur during the busy times of day, rush hours and such.  I attribute these drops to the cell network sacrificing the resources needed for internet data connections to serve the needs of "higher-prioirty" cellular voice connections.


You are correct in stating that Rogers has done no firmware updates for the W35.  Bell on the other hand has done a W35 firmware update.  But they (Bell) were experiencing significant problems with internet disconnects.  There were widely publicized on an Ericsson FWT W35 website that is now no longer online.  At the moment there is no way to prove (or disprove) that the same type of firmware applied to the Rogers W35 would resolve any problems.  In fact it will create problems, as the firmware is customized for the Bell network, so it should NOT be used by any Rogers W35 owners.


I do not think Rogers has much enthusiasm for issuing firmware updates for anything they sell.  I am sure that firmware updates cost Rogers money, and also will increase support costs in the short term.  Also, a firmware update would be a tacit admission that there are/were problems.  This is not something companies willingly do: spend money "needlessly", nor admit that there are any problems.  You know, "if it ain't broke don't fix it, and if you don't admit it's broken, oficially, it isn't.....!"


In my current location, I too have a widely varying signal strength indicator.  I wonder if that is the result of multi-pathing or some other ultra-high frequency radio propagation phenomenon.  You must remember that we are dealing with very, very high frequency radio signals here.  An 18-wheeler and trailer parked in the wrong spot could totally upset your signal strength to the RocketHub.