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Enhanced guide - search results don't easily show which channels I have!

I've Been Around

Using the old guide, when I searched by theme (e.g.. Comedy) or title, I could easily tell which channels I was subscribed to and which ones I wasn't. In the enhanced guide, the channel/time grid differentiates between channels I have and don`t (white vs. grey text colour), but the search results don`t. So, if I search for a show, I need to click on each one to see if it will let me go to that channel or if it will display ``Order <Channel Name> Now".  This is really a pain for someone like me who tends to only watch TV late at night (while doing homework) and often searches for "Comedy" in the hope that something like Friends or Seinfeld is playing on some obscure channel.


Part of me wants to believe this was just an oversight, but the cynic in me thinks this may have been done on purpose to encourage people to order more channels...





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