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Enhanced guide - is this a joke?

I've Been Here Awhile

I recently "upgraded" my pvr with the Enhanced Guide. Really Rogers? Is this what you call an "upgrade"?  There are so many things horribly wrong with it that i dont even know where to begin.


- no slow motion playback (are you kidding me??)

- extremely laggy response to remote inputs

- adjusting recording time takes an extra 3 steps now

- lost a number of recorded programs after upgrading

- fast forward/rewind is much slower now

- page up/down no longer skips ahead during playback 

- hitting the Live button while watching a program on delay switches to a different channel (brilliant)

- time of current playback is not shown while watching recorded programs (it just shows elapsed time)

- pvr crashes randomly (never happened before upgrade)

- layout of guide wastes too much space and the live tv window is far too small


These are all the problems i can list off the top of my head but there are many more.


i cant understand how poorly thought out this new guide is.  It's like they threw all the good stuff out from the previous version and had a group of monkeys design this one.  


Bring back the old guide Rogers!



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Re: Enhanced guide - is this a joke?

I've Been Around

The joke is on Rogers customers as usual!  I just reverted back to the old guide and as a bonus Rogers wiped my PVR clean!!


Netflicks is looking better every day!

Re: Enhanced guide - is this a joke?

Everyones views on the new guide is different.

There are some things, yes which take 2 steps now instead of one.  But there are things you can do with it now, in 1 step instead of 3.
It browses slightly slower, yes, than the old one.. but i can live with that.
Some people find it way to small (even on a 40+ inch TV).. i find it perfectly fine.. i have more problems reading the blocky old guide, its WAY to pixely on a 40+ TV.


Its all personal preference..




Skypesull...  the wipe was not likely intentional.. but often when you do a firmware upgrade, etc.. there is always the chance of a hard drive wipe... i know a few had that when going to the new guide, but most did not.. same when reverting.  It was not done intentionaly.. just a byproduct sometimes of that type of thing.


And before you make the jump to netflix... look into it first.   Netflix is good for some stuff.. but if your used to regular TV watching, watching specific show, etc... netflix in canada at least... their selection is VERY limited.. of all the shows that my wife and I PVR on a weekly basis (probably.. 20-25?) there are 4 on netflix.

Re: Enhanced guide - is this a joke?

I Plan to Stick Around

I’ve been watching Netflix for the last month. Every time I turn on my Rogers box I get reminded of the money I’m wasting on the reality shows I refuse to watch. The only time I need Rogers is when there’s a Leafs game being shown on TSN, and it looks like a competitor is offering it on their lowest package. Hopefully I can convince the wife to switch… and with Rogers pvr constantly needing to be rebooted when she uses it is helping my cause.

Re: Enhanced guide - is this a joke?

I Plan to Stick Around

I just bought into this netbox "upgrade" two days ago ..... i really wish i had logged in here before i made that move!


What's really funny is those BS rogers commercials they are plastering all over the airwaves. Especially, the one where the kid tells the parents how proud he is of them ..... i can tell you in reality, I am public enemy number one in my household.


Add to the P.O. list:  No remote operation of the netbox pvr with my smart phone .





Re: Enhanced guide - is this a joke?

Resident Expert


At least currently, that pvr box, regardless weither its on the new guide or the old guide, does not work with the remote app.. only the older 8300 works with that app.



Rever to my reply in the other thread