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Enhanced guide for NB?

I've Been Around

Just wondering when/if NB is going to get the enhanced guide? I called support today to ask about it and they simply said it wasn't available in my region and that it was just rolled out last summer in ON, however a cursory google search shows people have been using it since at least 2012...


The user interface may be a relatively minor thing in the grand scheme of things and I am happy with my Rogers services but an updated UI would certainly improve my overall experience.


The registration form on the Rogers website for the guide is limited to ON as well, anyone in other parts of Canada been able to get the new guide? I thought it was perhaps part of a pilot or timed release project but there has been no news. I guess my question is, if the update can be done remotely, what is preventing other parts of Canada from accessing it?




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Re: Enhanced guide for NB?

I'm a Senior Advisor

In short, its your equipment.


The Ontario enhamced guide is built by Cisco for Cisco equipment that Rogers uses in Ontario.


NB and NF, I believe, use Motorola equipment.  The Nextbox enhanced guide wasn't built for Moto gear. 


Now, why Rogers hasn't built a version for the Moto noxes is another question entirely.

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