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End of Promotion - Change in Bill

I Plan to Stick Around

Suddenly my bill jumps 100 dollars?


Rogers wireless stupidity has finally seeped into the cable/internet side of business.suddenly,with no warning my 'deals' have expired sending my bill up 100 dollars.what a mickey mouse operation rogers is.




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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Good morning @aztec8888,


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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Hey, I've noticed my bill's already gone up.
I was paying 40.33 or now I'm 51.97
The withdrawal of the Internet itself has not changed. There's also a slow ness in the network.
Can I know why I have a price hike???
Thank you for your good dealings 🌹🌹

Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Hey @Waelkassab


Welcome to the community!


Seeing an increase in your bill can certainly come as a shock, especially if the bill itself hasn't been reviewed in detail for some time. We notify users of any bill increase via their bill up to 3 months in advance and this could be due to a promotion ending or a plan pricing increase. I would recommend reviewing your recent bills for more info but definitely reach out to support or us here @CommunityHelps via pm if you have any further questions. You can read more about our pm system here.



Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

I've Been Here Awhile

I would argue, that Rogers invoices, especially when a series of "promo discounts" are applied, make the invice very hard to understand. Proof, when you call rogers for an account review, takes the agent several minutes to read their own invoice. This complicated format is NOT by accident, it is to induce confusion. 

Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

I've Been Here Awhile

The same thing happened to me. My bundle promo ended Sept 16/20 and my bill went from $134 to $202! When I initially called Rogers to see what other promotions were available to keep my costs down, the male rep told me there were none available. "If I had something to offer you, I would give it to you".  I then commented, 'My annual wage increase certainly do not come close with the increase that Rogers has initiated, and that' just ONE facet of of my monthly bills. With the millions of  Rogers users getting hit with this kind of increase just puts you in the big money books. That's just wrong'. I called Rogers again later in the day to see if I could work something out, and was put in touch with a lovely young lady from NL. I told her I was on a fixed income and she introduced me to Ignite. While my initial basic ignite plan fell short of my wants, I did get it upgraded a few weeks later. After the terrible service I initially received, I was happy to work with this rep and move forward to what I have now. I still find Rogers uber expensive and absolutely hate the Ignite setup. I just want to turn on my bloody tv and watch-those days are long gone.

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