Email with New RogersYahoo details

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Email with New RogersYahoo details

Sorry, I just tried to send this message but it finished itself.  Having completed the conversion from Rogers to RogersYahoo account (last week), every time I open Outlook, I get an Internet Security warning:  "The server you are connected to is using a
security certificate that cannot be verified.  The target principal name is incorrect. View Certificate (button) .  Do you want to continue using this server.

I was hoping for ongoing seamless use of 3 email addresses but with this security certificate issue, that is impossible.


It seems as though I've had to go through my account setting numerous times.  This is not what I would consider satisfactory and would appreciate some understanding of what's transpiring.






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Re: Email with New RogersYahoo details

Which version of outlook are you using?


I wasnt aware that any of the normal connection methods to rogers or yahoo, required certificates (other than if connecting via web access)


Under your account settings, what servers is it using to connect to your rogers account?


This may be easily solved by a change of server connections.


(Oh, aslo, are your windows updates up to date?  There was a certificate update thing a while back, which may have changed/corrected how some things connect with specific certificates.