Email-to-Text Not Working?

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Email-to-Text Not Working?

I'm not a Rogers customer myself, but I have a couple disappointed customers who are.


I've been trying to text them from email using the address, but it just gets returned to me. Says something about "maillynx_smartrouter: Undeliverable". The numbers are correct, as I've checked them with the customers.


I can't do the web-based texts as it wants me to register for some reason, and I don't think I can send to more than one number at once.


Is anyone else having this problem?




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Re: Email-to-Text Not Working?

In a circumstance such as this we would need one of the customers you are trying to reach to contact us so we can troubleshoot the issue. 


Check this link if you need any more info.;jsessionid=ttFBLQ9B31D81m9L7zDvJwq6xpNSfsYJS5GnsPGJxGJSsx7g1...



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Re: Email-to-Text Not Working?

Try using instead.  It works better.