Echo on Land Line with Rogers Home Phone

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Echo on Land Line with Rogers Home Phone

I hope someone can help me. When I'm at home and I receive a call on my land line I'm getting this horrible echo. It's almost as if I'm listening to myself on the speaker of a handsfree device or a speakerphone from the callers end. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do about it? Could you do anything about it? It's intermittent so it's not always the same caller and it's not always the same handset. I have a Panasonic cordless system with 3 handsets.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Echo on Land Line with Rogers Home Phone

That is about the only time that i have experienced it.. but i beleive its on the OTHER end thats causing it..

Had it a few times, when my wife had the sound up too loud on her speakerphone in the car, was hearing myself.

Calling from my CELL phone, i ocassionaly get it on the other end.. mostly when i call a callcenter type of place..  but i wonder if its the same thing.. where their mic on their headset, is picking up the audio from their own speaker part.