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Easy Fixes to 5 of the Most Common TV Issues

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)



Often times, many of life’s most common annoyances end up having the simplest of solutions, and all you needed was a simple push in the right direction.


How do I reset my digital cable box?


  1. Start by unplugging the power cable, either from the power outlet in the wall or from the back of the digital box.
  2. After around 10 seconds, plug it back in.
  3. You’ll see the word “boot” appear, and the box will take about five minutes to reset. When the box is displaying the time, it’s ready.
  4. Press the power button on your remote or on the front of the digital box.
    Note: Make sure your TV is set to the right input for the digital box or on the right channel (3 or 4).


If this doesn’t work, you may have to reauthourize your digital box.


Here’s how:


  1. Call 1-866-894-9962 and follow the prompts.
  2. You’ll be asked to enter the phone number associated with your account. Once you do, your digital box will be reauthorized. It may take up to 30 minutes for it to take effect.


What do I do if Rogers On Demand won’t load or is showing an error message?


Sometimes the communications between your digital cable box and the broadcaster can be affected by factors such as a weak signal or outdated wiring in your house. The best and easiest solution to this is to just reset your digital box (see above). If that doesn’t do the trick , call Rogers Support or go online for a Live Chat.


What do I do if it says “Not Authorized” on the screen when I tune to a channel?

The first thing to do is simply confirm that you’re actually subscribed to the channel you’re trying to watch. Sound’s basic, but it’s a common mistake. If you are subscribed, follow the steps below; if not, you’ll need to order the channel before you can watch it.


If you live in Ontario:


  1. You can reauthorize your digital box using the Quick Start Menu (QSM). To access it, press the Guide button on your Rogers remote until you get to the QSM.
  2. Navigate to and select Self Service and then to Need Help?
  3. A confirmation screen will appear. Scroll to Confirm and press OK/Select.
  4. The display on your digital box will flash and then go blank as the box resets itself. This will take around 2 to 5 minutes. Once the time is displaying again, turn the box back on and you should be good to go.


For all other provinces:


  1. Go online to and log in to My Rogers (if you’re not signed up, go ahead and do that – it only takes a couple of minutes).
  2. In the Cable Television section, you’ll see an option to Reset Digital Box. This will reset all of the digital boxes on your account.
  3. You will also need to reset your digital box in your home, as well (see above).


Note: It may take up to 30 minutes for your services to reauthorize.



How do I order Pay Per View Events?


Rogers Viewer’s Choice Pay Per View programming includes live events from the UFC, WWE, boxing, concerts and more. In most areas, you can order PPV events with your Rogers Remote. If ordering with your remote, here’s how you do it:


  1. Using your Rogers Remote, navigate to the PPV program channels to locate the event you wish to order. If it’s a future PPV special event, you can order it up to seven days in advance. For movies, up to 24 hours in advance. Once you find your program, highlight it and press OK/Select.
  2. Highlight the Buy PPV Event option – it’s the default selection for this option, so you likely won’t have to scroll – and press OK/Select.
  3. When the “Attention” screen comes up, press B to buy and then enter your 4-digit PIN (if you haven’t set one the default is 0000).


What do I do if my remote is not controlling my digital cable box?


All of a sudden, you notice that your Rogers remote isn’t controlling the volume, channels or turning the box on and off anymore.

Before you reprogram the remote, try troubleshooting what the problem might be by trying these steps first:


  1. Make sure the remote is set to Cable Mode by pressing the CBL button at the top of the remote. Also, make sure there’s nothing blocking the remote’s signal from reaching the digital cable box.
  2. Make sure the batteries aren’t dead. When you press a button at the top of the remote (CBL, TV, AUD, DVD, VCR), they’ll glow red. if not, try changing the batteries (two AA batteries).
  3. Lastly, to rule out the remote, try adjusting channels and volume using the buttons on the set-top box. If they don’t work, try rebooting the box (see above). If they do, try the remote again.