EVERY DAY!!!! Change my password on rogers email (YAHOO) ENOUGH!!!

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Re: EVERY DAY!!!! Change my password on rogers email (YAHOO) ENOUGH!!!

Thanks I'll give this a try (the port 587 idea anyway - as I'm only using these accounts on one machine).


Also, in changing from port 25 to port 587 I noticed the test emails would fail if the server timeout value was set to 1 minute, but work fine if it was set to 2 minutes (eventhough it takes nowhere near that long to send an email).


Also regarding the email notification, it is real.  Everytime I get one the rogers / yahoo system otherwise requires me to change my password.   Also they generally always come out in the morning - between 7am and 9am; which is when I always had first noticed the problem; for example I would be sending emails out a 6:30am ok but by 7:30am they would stop going out with an outlook error saying something to the effect that my password needed to be changed.

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Re: EVERY DAY!!!! Change my password on rogers email (YAHOO) ENOUGH!!!

Go into Rogers CHAT.  They will take control of your system and fix the problem.  They are terrific at fixing problems.  No I do not work for Rogers.

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Re: EVERY DAY!!!! Change my password on rogers email (YAHOO) ENOUGH!!!

Yahoo, unfortunately for the innocent party, treats spammers and victims of email spoofing the same way by cutting you off, and I suspect the latter in this case.   It's where someone with your email address in their address book catches something that starts spamming the world using your email address as the sender.   It happened to me yesterday - 3 times...it would have only been once if I hadn't been so lazy and only made minor changes to my passwords.   When I finally did a brand new password it stopped.


But each time I had to call Rogers to reset my email account.  They were very helpful on each occasion I may add.


I had to change 2 passwords each (I have an incoming mail filter service) on 10 email accounts in 3 email clients on 5 different PC systems, not to mention 2 tablets and 1 Netbook, so it was no cake walk.


You have to remember to change everything in your computer and online, otherwise the problem will recur and you'll never stop it.


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Re: EVERY DAY!!!! Change my password on rogers email (YAHOO) ENOUGH!!!

AN increase in dada cap may have held me off for a while longer but the constant email servers rejecting my passwords for the last six years finally did me in and I quit Rogers. Cheaper, faster, no data caps at nights and my email hasn't gone down once in the two months I have switched. SO much better!


I danced with Rogers for 4-5 years on this and one, one, repeat... only one tech ever admitted they had a problem with their email servers syncing passwords. It was anoying to have to sign back in two or three times every day on two Balckberries, four Win 7 withOutlook computers, one Win XP PC, an iPad 3, a Blackberry Playbook and now a Samsung S4 mini,. The few dozens of times I called I was told, each and every time, save one,  I must have something wrong with my email programme (American = "program"). I played along, unplugged my fridge, spun around three times, prayed to the CRTC, as they told me, but NEVER, EVER, EVER, except the one tech, did they ever admit that Rogers email servers have a problem and they don't know how to fix it. Rogers never resolved this problem. It disapeared for a few months a year or so back but it has resurfaced again.


Over the years I have now cancelled two cell phone accounts, my cable TV and now my Internet. Much cheaper and more reliable without the attitude. Thank you CRTC for giving us better choices after years of forced dominance. It was way overdue.


Let's see how long this post lasts! 🙂



I am not a Rogers employee I am just a weak spot in their marketting..

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