E-Mail receiving problem

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E-Mail receiving problem

I am having Rogers e-mail problem for over 10days now. Nothing is received in the  Inbox. .I am using Outlook 2013.  It was temporarily fixed on or about February 7. It worked for 1-2 days until Saturday noon, Feb 8. Then suddenly no more  e-mail. I called for Tech support on Feb 9. The support person worked on it for 2 hours on Feb 9, but was unable to solve the problem; then she apparently wrote  a ticket for the next level up to fix the problem: I was told that it will be corrected within 48 hours. 48 hours have come and gone; but  the problem is not fixed- NO E-MAIL. I called again today and was told that someone might have pickedup the ticket and will get back to me. I think I am getting a runaround ! And the people I speak to lack the technical expertise for solving the problem




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Re: E-Mail receiving problem

What are the servers you have in your settings?
And the port #s.. and do you have SSL enabled.

Wondering if this is part of the SSL change over.