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Re: Download Anyplace TV

Can i download rogers anyplace tv app using Windows?

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Re: Download Anyplace TV

@bluewater wrote:

Can i download rogers anyplace tv app using Windows?

Kind of.


There is an 'Anyplace TV' app for Windows 8.  Its very similar to their On Demand channel and  Quite frankly, you're better off using the website than the Windows app.


There is no version of their other app, 'Anyplace TV Home Edition' for Windows and the website version has been disabled since the spring, with no real return date ever given.


We all wonder why the most popular operating system on earth is treated as a second class citizen, but that's for Rogers to explain.

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Re: Download Anyplace TV

If you're looking for the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition that will show the Guide and control your PVR, the original was scrapped by Rogers and a new one is in the works.  Somehow, I don't expect to see it until they've rebuilt it with a complicated new interface like Navigatr. Man Mad

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