Downgrade has gone well

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Downgrade has gone well

Several months ago, I downgraded my subscription to Basic Digital from VIP with HD.  I got rid of the two PVRs and now have the most basic digital cable boxes (and am not even sure I need those at all!).  There were some withdrawal pains, specifically the teenagers who couldn't watch their reality TV on TLC or whatever, but that has since disappeared.  We almost exclusively watch Netflix - with Teksavvy's unlimited internet, I don't have to worry about bandwidth, which is great.  Or we stream from a computer, PS3, or XBox 360.  Any shows I miss, I can usually a:  stream online or b: watch on ROD.


Why oh why did I waste so much money on Rogers VIP?




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Re: Downgrade has gone well

congrats, i downgraded to cable plus combo, but upgraded back to digital vip.

did u rent or buy the pvrs?

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Re: Downgrade has gone well

I am pretty pissed off - I also downgraded (from VIP to basic), but am being forced to pay for the entire billing cycle - one day shy of an entire month.  Strange that upgrading can happen immediatlely and you get charged instantly, but downgrading 'is different'...


Rogers sucks...

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Re: Downgrade has gone well

It's not just Rogers. That's how all big companies do business today. Last month I decided to get call display for my phone (not Rogers) because I saw on the website it was free. All it took was a phone call. When I saw my phone bill it had doubled, so I called them immediately. Turned out I couldn't have the free features due to some technicality, but they didn't tell me and just added some package I didn't ask for. So they told me I could just have the call display alone for an extra $8 a month, which I agreed to. Well, the call display I was getting disappeared right away and hasn't come back. That was a week ago. They are all in to make the most money, not to provide service.

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