Double charged for online phone case

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Double charged for online phone case

I purchases a phone case on April 5th from the online accessories dept. for $62.14. Everything went well, was charged the appropriate amount and the case came in.

One full week later, I see a SECOND charge on my bank visa account for the exact same amount as the case titled ROGERS_ONLINE. I've tried contacting Rogers (twice on the phone and once through online chat) and not ONE person can tell me even who to speak to in order to resolve this extra charge! My wife is so angry she wants me to cancel service with Rogers and out of every Rogers agent I've spoken to, not one person can even see the first charge for the case, let alone the second!

This is the website I purchased the case from:
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Re: Double charged for online phone case

Welcome to the Community @awade1 


Sorry to hear about what has happened Smiley Sad


I can have our @CommunityHelps team reach out to you via Private Message so we can try and clear things up. Look out for the message in your inbox.


Feel free to update the community if you come to a resolution