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Domain name blocking doesn't seem to work on Cisco DPC 3825

I've Been Around

I just got the new service with Rogers and have the Cisco DPC 3825.


I want set  up domain blocking and keyword blocking but it doesn't seem to work.  According to the manual, after  you add the domain name to the list, you have to save the setting by hitting "Save Setting:" . However I don't see the button on the screen under Basic Rules.  I do see the "Save Setting" under MAC and IP filtering.  I did hit the "Apply" button with the check on "Enabled Parental Control".


The configuration doesn't seem to take affect even after a box restart. Do I have to hard boot it ???


Does anyone having the same issue ?


Thanks in advance for your help,


The cable modem is running

Firmware Version:




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Re: Domain name blocking doesn't seem to work on Cisco DPC 3825

I've Been Around

The CISCO parental control is weird, you have to setup the basic rules and then for some reason you need to setup the user and then the parental control comes into effect. However it blocks all the sites and not just the keywords/domains you want it blocked. i am exploring more on this and will respond as i find more.

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