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Does Rogers SHM Have a Wireless Outdoor Day/Night Camera Yet?

I Plan to Stick Around

Still waiting patiently for ROgers to introduce something. Could be the only advanced monitored system that doesn't have one. Or do they?

I found this when Googling ...

Outdoor Day/Night CameraSet-Up Guide

... but can't seem to find it in their hardware catalogue? How much do you folk think this will run? $300+? LOL


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Re: Does Rogers SHM Have a Wireless Outdoor Day/Night Camera Yet?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @ADayInCourt

They removed that one I believe due to low customer satisfaction and reviews. I don't think they will bring one back.

Either way I have 4 regular cameras and they are all outside. Most of them had ice built up on them, -20 weather and they worked flawlessly without any issues. I even have some videos saved which show the time and temperature as well. They hold strong.

The white one u just posted? I had it and returned it back. It didn't work half of the time and it always had issues. Many reviews would show this online. ( Only a few would say it worked well and what not).

I hope they can refresh their products though. It's getting stale to see the sale old ones over and over for the past 3/4 years.