Disposing of old cable box

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Disposing of old cable box

Hello Rogers,

I have an old SA Explorer 1840 which I own and haven't used in years. If I take it to the Rogers store will they accept it for disposal/recycling?





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Re: Disposing of old cable box

I'm not quite sure if Roger's Retail Locations have a procedure in place to safely dispose of unwanted electronics, but I do know that your local City or Town probably has a free dropoff centre.  My city has a electronic waste drop off centre and I took my old computers, monitors, vcr's, dvd players and cable boxes there for safe disposal.  Also before I tried that I offered to give them away for FREE to family/friends who needed it and could not afford to buy it, so I gave those to friends and family FIRST who NEEDED it and likely would not afford to pay big bux, then  what ever was left over I recycled at my local city's drop off centre and it did not cost me any money.

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Re: Disposing of old cable box

Hello @Lash

You have multiple places to recycle the box. You can go to your local recycling / Garbage waste terminal and they will do it for you. Your local Best Buy location will accept it as a recycle item. They will tag it for recycle and a recycling company will pick it up from them.. You can also drop it off at a Value Village or a location which gives it to the poor people as they may not have money. ( Value Village will put it up for sale but first makes sure it works). Check around as they have many places that do it for u.

You can also contact the city and leave it outside ur home and they will come pick it up or someone will take it. Usually many pass by and pick up items like that If u want, contact ur Local Rogers store and see if they will take it.

Also check with family or friends if they want it. They might need one as they rather not or are not able to pay for one and this can help them out. As long as the serial number has been removed from your Rogers cable account.