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Digital TV to Ignite TV Migration

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Hi everyone my mom is currently a Rogers customer. She has popular TV with crave TV and HBO and gigabit internet for $108 tax included. Recently her TV and internet have been acting up (on the the picture gets washed out and the internet can suddenly get slow. So I wanted to transfer my mom over to ignite TV but with her promotion infact. It ends in December and she's on a tight budget. Here's the thing even though other residents of the building that have the same promotion have been able to transfer it over to ignite TV. I'm having trouble doing so. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I apologise in advance if the post is a bit long


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Re: Digital TV to Ignite TV Migration

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

While it might the a same price promotion.. dont think they would be able to carry the same promotion across.
Pricing is usually completely separate, based on the different full packages / technologies.

All in all, if she is having those issues, it is most likely that there are signal issues PERIOD where she is.
Switching over to ignite wont fix this.
Before doing anything, getting someone out to take a look at the signal levels and fix that part would be best.

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