Digital Cable Box Turning Off

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Digital Cable Box Turning Off

I have an old SD Rogers Scientific Atlanta cable box that I got from Rogers back in 2007. Ideally I'd like to leave the cable box turned on at all times because I use a TiVo with it and the box needs to be turned on in order for my scheduled programs to record. I've found though that it seems every 3 days or so of leaving the box turned on, it automatically turns itself off. Is this some automatic energy saving feature? Is there a way that I can just permanently leave the box powered on?


I live in Ontario.




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Re: Digital Cable Box Turning Off

Dont think so.

Most of the boxes recieve guide updates.. and usually the box will reboot etc in accordance with these.


Depending on what channel you are recording... a DTA might work?  I knwo they have no guide, etc.. they MIGHT stay on.