Digital Adapter - stopping analog channels?

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Re: Digital Adapter - stopping analog channels?

Rogers has removed stations from Digital Adapter lineup


South York Region Ontario


Several days ago I lost several stations: CBC Newsworld 23, CP24, YTV 25, TSN4 26, Vision TV 60, CTV NewsNet 62, OWN 68, Treehouse 65, Gusto 64, BNN 66, Shopping Channel 19. Don't remember if RDI 96 is also gone.


Appears that all account holders were required to upgrade their accounts. Although this apparently does not affect regular cable boxes, it does unwittingly affect those who still use Digital Adapters.


I urge Rogers to reconsider this decision. I really miss the three news stations and Vision TV and, to a much lesser extent, OWN and the two children's stations.

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Re: Digital Adapter - stopping analog channels?

@57 wrote:

4. DTAs may not have the same functionality as STBs so checking an individual DTA's signal may not be possible, but Rogers should be able to check the signal to your home and you should be able to do the "swap" as outlined in item 3 above to check if it's the DTA or possibly signal.

Press INFO for 10 seconds and you get a list of diagnostic screens. Tuner Status shows signal strength and S/N ration I don't know what the criteria are, but mine is working fine with -4dBmV and S/N 34.

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